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These strategies work!


Strategies to personal development

Personal development is crucial to success in life. It is all about adding required or needed values to oneself. These values are the constituents of growth. You can actually detect lack of values in a man by his lack of growth.
I will be discussing on how to develop academically
• Be inquisitive: This is about asking questions. The bible says “those that ask receive and those that seek find”. It is when you ask that you get answers and understanding. I am using this medium to tell our teachers and lecturers to be open to questions from their students. This spirit has been killed by teachers, lecturers and colleagues. Sometimes your friends laugh at you when you ask questions, while at another time you are talk down by your teachers. Either the question is stupid or intelligent we should try to attend to all without making them look stupid. The major reason for question is for clarity. It is lack of understanding that propels us to ask question. Most times it is not because of what some people call show off. Even in life there are so many questions individual are asking within waiting patiently for the right answer. The more answers you get the better you become.



• Relate with people: You must be able to relate well with your colleagues. This helped me a lot academically, I always ensure that I be around people that are ahead of me. Whenever important topics are been discussed by my colleagues, I always find my place around them. You will always have those that are ahead of you in your school or outside your school, always relate with them. Let the ‘anointing’ rub on you. You cannot be among those people and you will not be motivated to be better. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants– Isaac Newton”. From my personal experience, sometimes studying alone may be boring or not interesting but when you get around friends discussing that particular topic, a level of interest rise up in you. There is a level of challenge you get that will propel you to read. It is that fuel that will make that particular topic interesting. In some cases, the reason why some of us read at times is because we heard some people discussed about a topic that we know little or nothing about. This led to a hunger to know more about the topic. In summary being close to people that are ahead of us can be of help to our personal growth.



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