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The First Time We Met

Topic: The First Time We Met

Text: Ex3:3-10

Message of the Day

Well we could pretend as if everything about relationship is spiritual that nothing of physical influences or we can agree that something special happens when two people are attracted to each other. Some call it feeling, knitting of heart, attraction etc whatever this thing is, am sure it isn’t a sin, the designer put it there. At the same time some experience about their initiator was bad maybe the initiator is bore.

Handling the First Day you met

The Truth is the initiator has a lot to possess or to be made up of to get the quality attention requires for conversation to occur. This aspect deals with the initiator and the target not being in the same environment, institution etc something brought you two together which if miss you two might not meet again. But yet you can’t deny the fact that something spark hum. You can decide to take a bold step towards the direction or let the spark dies.

Note: It doesn’t mean it’s lust while it could be.

The First Initiator That Use this Pattern

God and Moses have never met one on one neither have seen each other before but this initiator (God) was very much interested in Moses. He came up with a brilliant idea to show his excellence which Moses could resist than to take a look.

Note:  Moses never knew if it’s God or Devil but that brilliant idea cut his attention and have to take a look. Please just give a good look at what is being presented ok give it a try it might be the right initiator.

What Kind of Discussion Can Take Place

Well you will agree with me that this second part can be frustrating sometimes because some initiator have never took time to explore their potentials in confronting their target. Some can be shy infact some good initiator can mess up really but yet they are good huh.

Note: Some good initiators might find it difficult to express themselves at this point but still it doesn’t imply that the initiator is bad.

Please study Ex3:3-10 KJV

  1. Talk about your interest: To the initiator this depends on the kind of event that brought you together. Your introduction is very important if the attention will be given. Eg For me I like to intro myself via nature while some via the event at hand like this “Hello or hi, what a lovely gathering bringing lovely people together”. Your target response will give you a welcome or not for discussion.
  2. Share the Purpose of your coming: Discussing why you are in such occasion will send a signal of your capacity to responsibilities as an initiator.
  3. Use your gift: You know you aren’t Jesus yet who through prophetic spirit knew Nathaniel was under tree. Since you have not grown to that lol use sensible jokes to lift your target interest in you. Jesus never meant Nathaniel before but got his attention via his gift. Use your gifting huh

How the Target should response

Most target use this time to form (As worldly people says) busy squeezing faces and trying to play busy instead of listening. Your calmness is very important at this point and your composure. Deal with your initiator with these two things:

Replying with the word “How”: Most initiator out there can’t handle Mr “HOW” whatever your initiator says reply with the question “HOW” on that particular subject.

Purpose of HOW

  1. This will help you to know how intelligent your initiator is
  2. This will give you an insight to the order of preferences (Values) of your initiator life.

Replying the initiator with “WHY”:  This can throw away unstable initiator. This is to understand the perspective your initiator is talking from, also for testing your initiator ability/power to perform.

Note: Not many initiator can deliver what they promise, infact some might want to use spirituality and God call me things to bambuzz you. Have argue out this when people says most target are after ready made initiators mostly materially then I asked also what of target that have agreed and the initiator never deliver but disappointed the target during the relationship?   Only God can give us statistics of that but yet there are still initiator that delivers.

By his grace we will see tomorrow. God bless

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