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Finding and developing the right relationship


Finding and developing the right relationship

Relationship is a state of connectedness or a state of mutual dealings. If you want to attain success academically, maritally, economically and socially you have to find, nurture and develop the right relationship. We are made to relate and not to isolate. I have discovered that great and successful people understood the power of relationship and they are banking on it to get results, it is also one of the major factors that separate the successful from the struggling.

I will be looking briefly into how you can use the power of relationship as a student to excel and also as a career man. I want you to note that finding, nurturing and developing the right relationship helps you accelerate the progress towards your desire goals.

Let me start by stating that any relationship that is not contributing positively to you or make you to depreciate in value and worth is not the right relationship. Wrong relationship is the problem of most students nowadays, they are so fickle minded to the extent that they can no longer discern what is right for them. They allow youthful exuberance to becloud them into wrong relationship. For emphasis, any relationship that is not pointing you to your goals in life is wrong for you.

How to find or locate right relationship

  1. Know where you are going


The first step for you to take is to know your own direction or let me say where you are heading to. If you don’t know where you are going, you will eventually end in a wrong destination. This is like a compass to you that navigates you to those people that will help in joining with you in order to achieve your goals. As a student this will enhance your attentiveness in class because you will not want to miss any lecture that matters to where you are going.


  1. Be prepare to connect


Your preparation will help you to attract people just like you. Did you know that people of like values tend to flow together? So you must be making a personal effort to develop yourself, nobody wants a liability. In your preparation you must make sure that you are loveable because people like being around someone they can be at ease or at peace with. You may want to read on how to improve your learning skills , it will help you during your preparation since it is necessary for you to have certain values before you can connect to the right person.

  1. Seek for them


It is whatsoever you seek for that you will surely find, this means you are making a conscious effort to connect with the right person that will accelerate your progress towards your goals. As a student you must locate those that can actually help you academically in your school or outside your school, as a career person you must seek for those that can accelerate your career. It is necessary because those people are not like ripe cherry that falls down on a tree, they must be seek for and connect with. We are not created to be isolate rather we are created for right relationship that will improve us in all spheres.

How to develop the right relationship

  1. Be a giver

Relationship is a mutual benefit and not a one way affair; it must be the two of you bringing to the common table. The act of giving helps in nurturing and developing the right relationship. Some people are like cankerworms that drain out life out of people, they are always collecting and not contributing taking advantage of people. You should not forget that what you are looking for is a helper not someone you want to suck life out of. I said earlier that you must be prepared for it in order to have something tangible to contribute into the relationship.

As a student you also must be studious, so that your relationship will be about sharing knowledge, by that you will grow together.

As a career man/woman, you must be ready to contribute your own quota for the relationship to grow.


  1. Make a commitment to developing yourself

It is very crucial that you keep developing yourself so as to have something to bring to the table. You are not looking for someone that will boss it over you rather somebody you can share knowledge with for a mutual benefits.

Are you lazy?

A lazy man can’t have a healthy relationship because he will not be able to meet up with the demands of it.


  1. Be intentional about it

Our actions speak volume about our intention. Sometimes it may require you to call, chat up or send a text just to appreciate the efforts that has been put in place by your colleagues. It is an act of care or appreciation for the help that has been render to you. This sends a signal that you value and appreciate every of their contribution in accelerating your progress towards your goals.

The way students, business men and career men take one another for granted is the reason for this article. Some of them believe they can do it alone not minding that there are values that can add up to them in those people they looked down on.

You want outstanding success?

You have to find and develop the right relationship that will distinguish you from those that are struggling to attain success in life.


You are also free to add to the points listed.


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  1. yes i enjoy the text,but will one no if this person is the best for me.does accademic the number pirioty in marriage or age does it really matter .pls enlighting me more what and what do i need to know in a relationship

    • In any relationship how committed and visionary the person is is very important. Relationship is like a project you are working on to make it a success. So the stakeholders must show a sign that they want it to work out against any odd. Also individaul must also aspire to develop themselves academically, socially, morally etc. Because the day we stop growing we start dying

  2. I really enjoyed your article. Well done Djavuu

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