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One major thing I will never do again

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I have discovered that there is one major mistake that majority of us have made and a lot are still making. It is so common that its trend is mind blowing and this is responsible for the reasons why some graduates are “empty”.

Please I am not writing this to condemn anyone but I just want to share my own personal experience and views.

Let me start from what I have noticed from some of my students. I started having some thoughts when I discovered the attitude of my students towards their final projects. Many of them see project as a burden and something they should do anyhow and submit on time. I was also like that when I did my undergraduate project and postgraduate project, the mindset wasn’t to learn but to do it anyhow and have your grade. We have a crippled and bad view of the tool(education) that can actually helped us and our country to grow. I am not blaming my students because I was also like them some years back, but now I have better understanding and better perspective.

I don’t know why our educational system is degenerating and it looks like nobody is ready to reshape and reform it.

Let me tickle you a bit with some of my lecturers’ saying during my undergraduate:

  1. Standard question, standard solution

What he was trying to tell us was “do not disturb yourself to understand the concept, just memorize it and put it down like the way he gave us in the exam.”

Imagine such a statement!

  1. I myself don’t understand quantum, I memorize to pass, so you also must memorize to pass

Those two statements are damaging because they affect students mentally not to pursue understanding in such area. No wonder we are short of staffs that can actually impact adequate knowledge of some of the courses we took in school then.

One major mistake I will never do again is to read for the purpose of passing an exam. If the only reason why I read is to pass an exam, it means all the money I have spent so far in school is a waste. It is also pointing to the fact I have not been impacted with adequate knowledge and I have only gone to school to waste part of my life and time.

I was going through a student’s seminar topic about the “effect of quercetin on cancer in human body”, the first thing that came to my mind was “this is the end of this research topic” since it is now in book and has been submitted to his supervisor.

I can say confidently that majority of the solution to the world’s problem is already in books, but the unfortunate thing is that those books have been abandoned or they have been destroyed because we have lost the meaning of education.

Sometimes I looked through my undergraduate years all I saw was a student that was not impacted because all I was doing then was to read to pass exams. This attitude should not be encouraged because it kills creativity and innovations. It can also make students lose interest in education. There are many things that you would have gained if you give yourself to learning.

We should read to build ourselves and it will eventually lead to success in exams. The purpose of exams is to test how vast and knowledgeable you are in an area and since you have built yourself, it will not be difficult for you to excel in any exam. Reading to build yourselves will also help you beyond exam: it can make you creative and innovative  and eventually lay a strong foundation for success in life.


Below is what one of my students (Jesupemi Olasubulumi) says about how he applied physics to frying plaintain.

“You get paid for what you know and you pay for what you don’t know
Apply your knowledge to other areas of life. I applied Physics Heat transfer knowledge to frying plantain and I made the colour come out without burning.
Don’t limit your knowledge to where you studied it.
Life is much better with innovations and Variety is the spice of life.”….



The reason for learning is for application and not for exams alone.

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