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Concept of Kingdom Wealth

Topic: Concept of Kingdom Wealth To you I write this in effect to the prophecy spoken by the Lord concerning the last day’s economy. The kingdom is prepared to showcase her influence and power by distinguishing the sons and daughters of the kingdom. There is nothing the world can do …

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Masters of Elements

Topic: Masters of Elements Prt 1 When lions are sharing portions only a foolish goat will dare to ask for his portion, beggars eat crumbs while lions eat fresh. Whatever that makes a lion eat dead animal it’s a rare situation. Champions are never bowing at all times in all …

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One major thing I will never do again

I have discovered that there is one major mistake that majority of us have made and a lot are still making. It is so common that its trend is mind blowing and this is responsible for the reasons why some graduates are “empty”. Please I am not writing this to …

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The Beginning of Impact

Topic: The Beginning of Impact Our world is filled up with men racing with each other, busy pursuing selfish ambition in the name of vision and goal. You will see the uneasiness in their pursuit, the gasping and haughtiness in their eye. Everyone is trying to make his work attractive …

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Heal my Relationship

Topic: Heal my Relationship Prt 1 I don’t know how wounded you are or heartbroken your love is or maybe you have missed the right man for you due to ignorance but I know the words of God can heal you. It never late to have a taste of your …

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Faith that Heals

Topic: Mountain Moving Faith Prt 2 Text: Rom 1:17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, the just shall live by Faith KJV One day Prophet Elijah was instructed of the Lord to go to a widow at Zeraphath that she …

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