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Just like a car (Relationship)

Topic: Just like a car (Relationship)

How sweet relationship can be if borne out of sincerity of heart with positive purpose. You achieve more working together because everyone knows is role and functions. Nothing destroys an organization like misplacement of roles and hierarchy. Relationship remains the solution to heal our world.

Relationships can sometimes portray the attitudes of a car many times, it started very well and at the middle it broke down like that, many experience happen at this point:

  1. Some abandon it to search for a mechanic
  2. Some are the mechanic of their car
  3. Some knew little to what can go wrong with the car, fix it temporarily for management.
  4. Some just abandon it forever

The car cries

The car has been faithful carrying you around the world, it didn’t have leather seat but ensure you meet up with schedules, manages your oil for you, kept engines working faster to the best of her energy, never give smoke while driving her yet you took no time to hear out the overheating inside her, the pressures of beautiful cars passing besides her especially the latest baby car parking in front of her every day.

The origin of car

These are set of different origin to relationship in our world but I will list few I want to deal with for online consumption:

  1. Why do you buy the car at first? Is it out of pressure, competition or you just felt like it’s time you should have one? Or maybe you didn’t plan for it the whole thing just happen, someone bought it for you huh? So you never knew what you are putting your feet into!
  2. You had your money absolutely prepared for it but unfortunately you have no taste, no any advance information about cars in the world, your were clueless about your choice of car, so you bought car with an old engines, expired tires (My God) etc unfortunately just few month new cars of your choice began to show up, those you never seen before, you never imagine cars can have such features they are with heavy gadgets which made you hated your car. Hum I felt sorry for such cars in this category because the car will never satisfy his owner, she was borne out of inadequate future consideration, climatic changes of modernization etc the owner didn’t think about challenges to face when new cars are produce, the owner didn’t prepared for pressure of latest cars. Hum either the owner will buy new car or not I do not know.
  3. Some knew everything they ought to know, well prepared, matured understanding the dos and don’ts of cars unfortunately has no money to buy the car that fit into his life so he bought fairly used car. How could a car buyer have a taste and still go against his choice? To go against ones choice is to set a trap for the future.

The Truth about car

The relationship between a car and the owner is a mutual benefit, if you want to enjoy your car you service it well. The car brings values to you, brings respect and honor, add speed to your journey though some car can make life difficult for you while traveling but cars don’t win contract for you, it can change your status not your identity, purpose etc the car is a need not a necessity of life you can do without it.

In this series I will deal with a lot of problems in modern day relationship and proffer solutions to it. Please take time to read careful because i believe God will heal the world via relationship and marriages. God bless

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