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Engineering Your Relationship

Topic: Engineering Your Relationship

You see everyone smiling, always looking for each other, the sensation is just there no one needs to tell each other what to do especially when there is issue both of them takes responsibility lol what a nice time that every new comer in relationship wanted but little do we know as time goes on things began to tear apart, the feelings began to drop and our heart tends to cry within.

What started it?

The question is can what started a relationship sustains it for life? Because have never seen a relationship that started with hatred everything started peacefully, loving atmospheres etc am not talking about when you are frustrating the guy or when he was asking you out rather when you agreed to be together. The question is the components that formed that wonderful time does not seems to have power of sustaining it for long.

Components that formed modern relationships

Religion: Oh yea don’t be surprised religious believe system has really taking hold of vital parts of human race, the drastical change religion has brought to human race is enormous. And the impact of this system is what we are seeing around. Come to think of it 80% of human race has one religion or the other while Christianity and islam took over 50% and yet our world is like this and no one is wise enough to ask questions of how two religious believe system are professing they are good and yet the world is decaying? Can two good seeds come together and produce bad? Quite unfortunate that Nigeria the largest religious African nation sold 2billion alcoholic drinks last year by brewery alone. Excuse me who drank those bottles? Birds no no noo its Christians and muslims because Nigeria spiritualist don’t take 33 rather ogogoro or synapps lol. Religion is meant to transfer faith by knowledge not doctrines by knowledge. Religion has lost the faith which is the spiritual system. So many relationships are in these categories of relationship built on doctrines of men via knowledge.

Socio-System: Without no doubt this is the second most influential system in the world, a substitute solution to religion system which has brought a greater harm than good therein. But due to the nature of this system it seems to be preferable to religion settings. This system seems to accommodate one of the most important features of human race “Freedom” which religion lacks. You will agree with me 65% of relationship kick start with qualities of socio-system even with the harm well known to youths they still prefers it to religion. The question is what is inside religion that is chasing us away? If you take your time you will learn something intriguing.

What to do

I don’t know dear but I will try to open your eye to the truth and allow you to make decision. Believe me am here to help the world, I love you so much. You’re free to contact me for questions and please you guys should always drop correct email so I can contact you back.

God bless

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