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Channels to human’s Emotional System

Topic: Channels to human’s Emotional System

Text: Luk 7:35 KJV

But wisdom is justified of all her children.

Due to the emotional nature of humans we often fall victims of what we love, we seems to take our actions/decisions from what we see (movies, stories, images etc) and learnt from. Come to think of it how many of us learnt the moves, position, angles even sound making in sex from our parent? And ofcourse everyone of us are victims of emotional influences its presence makes our decision appealing to us even when it’s obvious there is danger. Have you ever loved a wrong girl or a guy before? How do you feel the hurt of being cheated? It’s important you know this in relationship our commitment we never be the same because our feeling is never the same.

Interest: These are your likes, dos and don’ts especially behavioral composition & looks. Nothing hurt a female like those they love naturally, she will probably exempt such a guy from her rigorous defensive mechanisms. We all do fall into this trap of influences but it varies in us and female world seems to be a victim of this a lot probably there easy way of trusting and there natural way of considering a male that exposes their beauty. Females are creatures of beauty/fashion whoever that understood this might win her heart.

Environment: lol humans are creature of nature there are environment that stimulate high emotional system and believe me if you find yourself in such places most likely you will put off your guards and pay attention to your feelings. Very few males have learnt the power of nature in influencing female’s decision in relationship. Females listens to their feelings than what she is seeing I don’t know why but its seem to be an entry point to their decisions in relationship. I remember a sister told me she is not interested in any male and I told her it’s because you have not found the male that has the entry point to your feelings which doesn’t mean that male is good or bad.

Pains: This is the weakest point of every male no matter how bold his face is, inner pains are males entry point to their feelings. Very few males can control inner pains infact males makes unexpected powerful sex during pains some expresses their pains via rapping while a female with skillfulness in managing males pains gets good sex and his emotional force in control. There are lots of reasons to males pains though invisible yet can be seen in their actions and I bet if experts have sat to study male’s responses to pains. Well that’s not today’s focus. Setting up a right culture is one of the solutions though am not interested in talking about male’s response to culture.

Stress: Quite different from pains, this is a daily experience of mental system in males. Naturally a female that shares (talk about it, labor with him etc) the stress in the daily pursuit of a male vision will eventually win is heart. If a male never shares his mental stress with you your not probably part of his future because males are good in hiding their weaknesses.

Note: To fall in love or give a chance to someone based on this nature in us isn’t a sin but how not to get hooked when it’s hurting us is the issue. Either you like it or not we give preferential treatment in relationship especially female’s world. Don’t forget that you don’t like the way he talks doesn’t make him a bad guy.

Applying System that works

The Goat Feeding System

Females are natural absorber of informations around them and it’s therefore important to understand how a goat feeding system works.


  1. Goats eat a lot of junks during the day yet at night you see them processing those junks by re-chewing them.
  2. Goats are designed to ferment and break down their food then their body digests the nutrition from their fermented food.
  3. Goats are attracted to natural product
  4. Goats by instinct avoid poisonous plants. Simply means they have learnt from historical background of their feeding.

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God bless you.

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