Ink that fade not

Topic: Ink that fade not

Text: Jer 30:1-2

I hear a voice within the voices of the voice of men, the chanting in the hearts of men, the musing in his heart and has I waits my heart was hot within me and fire burned then I spoke with the pen of the writers.

I was thought and was told of the ways of pen writers, I read through their heart and I saw how they pay attention to the direction of winds for even the tiniest thought of men’s heart is carried by the wind.

Not many times do our knowledge serve us things to write, sometimes it goes blank but this is what I found about pen writers that made them unique among pen users:

Diffusion of Pen writers: Upon the concentration of the minds of men do pen writer’s sticks their pen to write out what they see. Paying attention to words and listening to unsaid words is one of the basic characteristics. You must be able to catch words at a single note or tiniest voice.

Glimpse of the moment: A drop of water upon the face of the earth can be a sign to pen writers. This is to show their ability to sense things in their environment and interpret it. Their earring ears and seeing heart is a great tool for capturing the moment. Pen writers are sensitive to sounds, movement, images and to the unseen world behind the scene. To become one is to learn their skills.

Gaze into future: To my amazement, pen writers do experience dryness in their thought but show their mastery when they broke through the silence upon the face of the waters and dive into the unseen to see what cannot be seen but can be written. This is power of their imagination via their souls and spirit, it’s called clarity in obscurity. Things around us sometimes reflects wisdom if you pay attention.

Basic training of pen writers

Learning to read from natural things around you, paying attention to what nature is saying is the beginning of pen writing.

Learning from living things: Pen writers are never front liners they are sharp but slow in taking lead. Simply means every ink of a pen writer is a lesson learned from someone’s life, events, and most especially pen writers are students of history, pay attention to history.

Learning from non living things: Their parabolic way of language usage comes from nature, the basic wisdom of every pen writers. Skillfulness in language usage is their ability in understanding natures.  I think nature should be your friend from henceforth.

Love you all as you rediscover the lost world and gifting.

God bless you.

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