Use me Lord

Topic: Use me Lord

Text: Luk 16:10

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. KJV

It’s so amazing the way God conclude matters in his heart which probably looks like cheating to many of us. It’s always the cry of everyone for God to use us mightily and yet no one knows when he tested our abilities to know where we fit in his plans.

Was it the anointing that made David thought of building a house for God which no man ever thought of doing for God? Even Enoch has close has he was with God never thought of such. It’s therefore important to understand the measures of God in picking his great men.


If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? Luk 16:11 KJV


What a statement that explains whatever that makes you to fail in your natural commitment will also stop you even with anointing.

Note: Anointing will not make of you what your natural abilities will not have panted for. If you are not a detailed person before the anointing you will not become one by the anointing.

The Place of your nature

It’s so obvious what the anointing could do in the life of Brother Paul and other apostles and ofcourse in the life of David the shepherd and Saul the benjaminite. Nature is the expression of natural content of your heart. I remembered the Lord opened my eye to see the same attitude I had while in institution is the same am portraying as his servant which will eventually lead to failure even with his anointing on me. The question is how many of us can the Lord commit new testament books into our hands, books with no mistakes in singular and plural usage, no contradiction and mostly less of personal opinions? Men of old, they counted the cost paid the price and said it is finished. Anyone can see the brilliancy in their skillfulness, the guiding principles in their lives, even those who were not educated portray soundness of lifestyle.

What attract God to our life?

Principles: Every natural great man has abiding principles of greatness. What attracted God to the rechabites Jer 35:2? There is no gimmicks in God if you portray a worthy sonship attitude he will come after you. Just imagine you have a principle that account of your spending on weekly basis, it doesn’t mean anything but if the father is in need of serious son be sure you’re going to be part.

Value System: The anointing cannot use you beyond the value you have for life. Check every great servant of God, they have exceptional passion for life, some of them cursed themselves for the well being of their members just like David Psa 137:5-6 NLT. You cannot be used beyond your passion. You see, the cost you cannot pay God will not require it of you, because every work of God requires a level of price. This is one single issue I have with today’s preachers too lazy for my liken, preaching an incomplete grace whereareas grace is life, death, pains, joy, suffering, persecution etc not all this lazy habit and soon they will say long prayer is bad in which Jesus himself prayed. We all need to prove ourselves worthy of the Call. He is a Father that needs worthy/proved sons not toys.


Fighting Spirit: ofcourse hands are not equal yet he says I shall be the head and not the tail. God will not commit the ministry of a founder into the hands of a man that will give up. No wonder founders of mighty ministries are highly crazy in their walk with God, well their sons can get there and take it lightly. God looks at what your heart can offer to the cost the assignment is asking.

Two Arts of Ministry

God has two men in his kingdom: men that advanced the kingdom and men that maintain the kingdom. Never mistaken a man sent to enforce kingdom rules on earth with a man sent to maintain it. A lion and a sheep are two different animals… Some are sent to care for you like a shepherd while some are sent has commander of Lord’s army they are neither for you nor against you. A statement in soldiers barrack is an instruction.

Note: If you ever see yourself as a kingdom soldier then you’re in the right place. You don’t need to go to mountains to know if God calls you, one step at a time is enough. And as you follow him he shows you direction to next assignment.

God bless.

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