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When you are surrounded with good people

Good friend is like a dew from heaven

It is a common practice that whenever your knife or cutlass is dull, you look for a steel to sharpen it. This is because a dull knife or cutlass can’t get your work done as you will want.

The same process is also applicable to our lives, if your life isn’t heading in a direction that you like look for good friends that are already in your desired direction and connect with them. Sharpen yourself with those that have the values you are looking for. There are different people with different values locate the one that you need and sharpen yourself with his values.

There is a common adage that says” show me your friends and I will tell you the kind of person you are”. The kind of people you surrounds yourself with can predict the direction your life will take. You are the one that knows the course your life must take, so take responsibility for your life and move with those people that will hasten you to achieve your set goals.

One of the things that bad association can do for you is to distract you from your goal in life. Distractions are what keep our eyes from our set goal: it makes us lose focus and eventually set us off track. Time is vital in goal setting, once we are distracted we have delibrately prolong the time to achieve our set goal. Life is about race, giving in to distraction is like a sprinter that allows himself to be distracted in a race, such a sprinter can never win such a race.

Successful people are always focus, they know it is one of the vital keys to success. When your eye is single the whole body will be full of light. A high level of determination is seen in you when you are focus: it means you are resolute in your mind to achieve that your set goals. A distracted mind is a wavering mind, such mind can’t achieve much in life.

There is crucial you know that the companion of fools shall be destroy. What this means is that when you wrongly associate yourself, you end up the same way with them because of their lack of direction in life.

Good association will inspire you and bring out the best in you.


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