Healing Your Past


Just like demons don’t let go of their victims our pasts life can become a thorn in our flesh. Getting tired of life, boringness in the midst of liveliness are symptoms of past life. The ability to share your past for learning is a sign you are librated if not you aren’t. Maturity isn’t the ability to keep the past it’s in ability to freely express your past without guilt. How long will you transfer the aggression of past life on innocent ones? Every guy is bad, they are cheaters. Come on your love life is shattered, you can barely trust again. There is a great future ahead you just need to take a step.

Things that makes past hurt

Memory: It’s the custodian of our daily event and the ark of human’s emotional life. How unfortunate to many that today’s activities becomes tomorrow’s memory that will either makes you smile or cry. You have to break out of that memory, you have to reject the feelings of hurt and pains of that memory, you can’t let the unseen control your seen.

Love: How beautiful love can be yet it hurt goes beyond now. Don’t trust like that your gonna get yourself hurt. No past hunt without looking for someone to blame. That’s why no one hurt like those you love and trust. As long as you see them the past comes back. It’s a trap!!! Please do not play with love if you can’t handle her hurt and pains.

Dreams and goals: I know it can be hurtful when your dreams and goals were part of the memory that hurt. You lost out time along the line in achieving a wonderful dream? All you need is to gather yourself and create another dream for yourself. Don’t just give up now it’s too early.

You cannot say you are healed of a physical wound until someone handle/touch it for you. When someone talks about your past and you feel uncomfortable you aren’t heal yet. What a demon that dispossesses humans of freedom. Even when they aren’t talking about you you are thinking it’s you, you get angry on no account. You have made the mistake already and you just need to forgive yourself, you can’t be the police arresting your future yourself, nooo you have to be free.


How to be healed?

Testimony: Great men are set of people that convert their mistakes into testimonies as a blessing unto others. Learning to share your past is your greatest healing tool. Use it as a tool to encourage others infact have a website and call it brokenhearted.com you get me? Think of writing a book that’s intriguing and fascinating about your story. Come on get help to exploit your past. Be comfortable when people share it create a youtube about yourself, you will sell because your story is unique or create a uniqueness out of it.

Faith:  Faith is the spirit that creates a picture of your future as an evidence of confronting unknown powers. One of those powers is your past and that’s why moving forward requires faith. You need to have a new dream you need to occupy yourself with new vision. Be too busy to remember your past.

A Friend: The antidote to a million devils is one good friend. How wonderful friendship is if God bless you with one. And I can tell you of a wonderful friend whose delight is seeing your joy and restoring your happiness. His name is Jesus Christ, a call on his name is enough because his always ever wants to heal you. Give him a chance today.

Note: The past is past and it’s only a feeling that is hurting you why waste your feelings on hurt? Create happiness from your past Samson said Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness. Wow how beautiful wills this riddle be if you make use of it and give an answer that What is sweeter than honey? And what is stronger than a lion.

It’s time you make meat out of your stories stop sharing it with people that will not appreciate it rather come online and God will direct the path of those that will make you smile and be bless by it. Come on it’s a new day a new dawn for you. I love you all.

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God bless.

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