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The Forbidden Passion


The things that my soul refuses to touch are as my sorrowful meat and what will it look like if our soul desire that which is forbidden? Just like a candle light you wish to touch when we are children, like ashes of coal you desire to walk upon etc we all do knows when a path is deadly but just couldn’t stop it, it was forbidden yet the passion is so sweet and you would not let go.

We all do fall into this passion where a stranger becomes our night thought and dreams of the night, they mostly walk quietly into our life they seems gentle, just a single touch or a cut of his/her sight that ignite the forbidden passion. You thought it was a game to play alone unfortunately you saw your strength fading and sinking in the oceans of his/her passion, you cried for help inside of you but her presence is an uncontrollable force. Oh poor me, ordinary words cannot get me out of her claws.

Channels to Forbidden Passion to Females

Security: Passion uses our most wanted desire as a channel of entry quietly into our lives. Our fear can turn into weakness, a trap into our feelings, to think twice becomes a battle, this what extreme sense of security has driven many females into. Not all female will have it all at the beginning believe me passion can be dangerous and can paint black white. Passion is an extreme affection you might not be able to explain how it enters but you knew what started it. Don’t let your security consciousness in relationship drives you into the wrong hand. No one buys a future someone works for it.

Dreams: Nothing weakens females like the confrontation of their dreams in life. What you wanted but not at your hand. Males must understand dreams are powerful tool to females feeling as dominion in males, getting that dream into reality might sold all her love for you and if not might be alittle hole capable of capsizing your relationship. If the devil has never brought a male (destroyer) of your dreams towards your path thank God, it can be your greatest temptation in times of weakness. In your weak times as a female you are not expected to hang around males whose dreams weaken your emotion, it might be the beginning of your fall.

Sexual Influence: A touch, the gaze of his eyeball, a little care can set you on a journey of no return. You know humans like fire especially during cold season yet it burns. How sexual attraction has weaken many females it so powerful because it operation is on your thought life and ofcourse the devil will open the opportunity when your thought is full to the brim. Your saving grace can be to tell your partner about the hidden attraction in you.

Channels to Forbidden Passion in Males

History: When you see a female who has the critical moment of your partner in her hands you just have a devil in your cupboard. Males are strong but not to history not to moment of impact not to words like old days etc knowing your man to his past life is a critical tool in relationship because you might lose him to her who knows how to twist history into emotional impact. History can weakens a man if you know how to use it, especially if there is emotional attachment kept in that history.

Ribs: Nothing destroys male’s relationship like appearance, shapes and color. Males are natural creature of varieties they knows new from old. Cheating is a pictorial problem in males once established it will take God’s grace to stop him. I will never advice you to dress in a certain pattern to hook down your man. Every male knows what to do to solve the problem. When a male want to be faithful in relationship he knows what to do. Just ask any sincere male hear what he will say and try another you will see similarities in their words.

Hunger of sex: To females sex can be pleasure by touches while to males is a game with different formation. What brings pleasure to males in sex is dominionship and it’s crazy males submit to this feeling. What do you think brought about different sexual position to our world? The tendency of a male to fall into the hands of a female who understood sexual dominionship pattern is high. How can you tell me a sexual position video on youtube is having 5million views is not a problem? Have been there because I saw it to, no need for anyone be proving holiness because Christians you don’t believe to be involve in pornography are trapped suffering inside smiling and speaking in tongue outside. The female that will marry a male who possesses the knowledge of today’s sexual positions online she’s in trouble except he opens up. Have told those in relationship to discuss about sexual pattern convenient for each other don’t use speaking in tongue to deceive yourself speak out and let God help you. Understand this today as a female that sexual position measures the satisfaction level of a male and if you neglect this simple advice of questioning him on sexual issue marriage will teach you a lesson. Please talk to each other on sexual issues especially positions you are comfortable with before your man will cut a taste of it outside. Sexual position has its root in history and meanwhile no one can tell anyone position to take. I believe females know what best position to take not males. If you as a female cannot cope with his satisfaction positions I think you guys better pause your relationship or marriage plan and go see your pastor or elderly men with wisdom to counsel.

The simplicity of a man doesn’t make him a fool, openness of heart can save your relationship and marriage from hidden passions burning like flame. No matter your desires share it with each other and see how you can solve it. Don’t ever overlook hidden passion inside you towards anyone it can be a flame that will burn you to ashes no matter how small it it.

Note: Happy val to those in relationship I guess you guys have nice places to renew your vows of commitment and those of us single lets close our eye. Lol byee

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God bless.

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