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What believers should do during persecution? Part 1

Text: Mat 10:16 KJV

As much as we are to stay calm at every point in time, the Lord never says we should be a dummy, no he never supported foolishness. Why will the Lord told his disciples to be fleeing from one place to the other if he wanted them be killed like chickens? Obviously fleeing is the most considerable option during chaos time for any believer yet the bible gave us options when things go out of hand and there is no place to run or no other option to take.

Understanding the Principle of Engagement

This is one of our major problem as believers we are very afraid of God that we allow thieves to spoil his house. Which one do you think your father will be happy with: Thieves came to your house and you killed them or they came to your house killed your siblings, raped your sisters and spoiled your house? when he specifically gave you instructions on how to react.

Throughout the entirely earthly ministry of Jesus Christ he gave his promise to his apostles concerning the security of their life. He told the father all you gave me I kept except the son of perdition. Do you think the father will be interested in Jesus saying I lost Peter because he’s too forward? Or I lost Thomas because he lacked faith? We need to understand the value the father placed on a believer is worth a million uncircumcised philistines.


Spiritual Approach: This is the most common approach believers know, to pray to fast etc yet we failed to understand that spiritual engagement is first and foremost for supernatural powers terrorizing believers.

Finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye maybe able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:10-12 KJV

Believers supernatural powers are not meant to engage humans except in rare cases when God step into a matter as a judge, mostly the human in subject is becoming an embodiment of powers of darkness this is the reason why some servant of God decree death over a human government or someone and nothing happens to the person. Why? Because spiritual powers are not meant to dominant humans it’s in the rules of engagement. Note: A believer is allowed to engage his spiritual powers if been threaten by any power no matter who is invoking such an attack against him/her.



Please read Luk 9:53-56 in KJV

There was a missed up here the apostles wanted to engage spiritual powers over humans who are using physical power to stop them preaching. They aren’t threatening their lives.

Look at this scenario also Mat 8:28 KJV

Jesus knew these two guys aren’t ordinary humans they have become an embodiment to the powers of darkness. So Jesus engage with a spiritual power to overrule them.

Do you see the difference now, Luk 9:53-56 were just humans who simply doesn’t like Jesus while Mat8:28 were demonic humans empowered to stop Jesus.

Note: God do not fight against humans unpurposely, most times he came to help his people when they were too weak to fight the battle physically but note its not what God will do consistently in saving his people.


Physical Approach

There was a prophet in the bible who was highly anointed by God but went to a battle with swords and 318 servant Gen 14:14. Abraham our father understood this rule, David your senior brother understood this rule (David won all battles but lost men in the process. If you lack adequate strategy and knowledge in physical battle you might lose to the enemies’ camp. That isn’t God’s fault you didn’t prepare well just like if you don’t read your books you will fail, there was a time David shouted at Joab for losing men in battle this means God has entrusted his people Israel into David’s knowledge and wisdom. The inadequacy of knowledge and wisdom in leadership can cause death of followers). Peter your brother had knives, Jesus our Lord used whips to beat market women in the temple he wasn’t preaching to them. When the church was under heavy persecution in those days the church raised CRUSADERS to fight back physically.

Note: Believers are not meant to be violent but if there is no choice and persecution is on the high side you need to pick your arms and fight back.

Exceptional Solution

Any area or place concentrated with supernatural power of God is capable of consuming flesh or anything unrelated to divine material. Only spirit drunken men have/can invoke such a mighty power on earth and ofcourse grace has done everything for our today’s preachers including fasting and prayer. It’s so unfortunate we use grace to cover for our laziness and risks the life of believers.

Read 1sam 19:18-24

This is how men of old saved lives God entrusted in their hands. Samuel cannot use sword but had an authentic power of God to control the situation but today huh it is well.

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God bless.

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