Marriage Vows


No greater love than this like one should die for another. I believe death here could mean emptying one’s life for what you love and I want to believe you saw something in that man or woman before saying yes.

There was a strange man in context in the history of human race that proposed a marriage covenant and gave a promise of an unending love to his bride and you know what? Lot of humans bought into his promise; president of nations, the poor, the rich, the aged, the young, both males and females, all kinds of tribes and language etc how on earth did one man gave a promise and everyone bought into it for over 2000years ago? And for the next 2000years humans will still be buying into his promise. Don’t you think such promise is powerful?

How I wish females pay attention to this mystery because no human marriage can be 2000years in this century and how on earth is our promises cannot last just 50years infact so many marriages today are less than 10years, the promise is broken, why? This is the highest form of weakness in male’s world unfortunately it’s the entry to leadership, to political power, to success and ofcourse marriage.

Identifying Authentic Promises

Jesus said I go but I will send my spirit unto you. This simply means the promises of a man are equivalent to his spirit status. A man whose spirit is bad cannot fulfill his promises no matter how beautifully composed the promises seem to be, he will crash along the way. So let’s see what the spirit status means:

Words of life: The words I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life. Does his word revive you? Do you find strength therein? His is words a meal unto you that fills your dreams & vision in life? Do you find future in his words? Have find males told me “i don’t know why she didn’t trust me, I don’t know why she lacks faith” but the bible says faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God, if your girl lacks faith in you it simply means your words are too weak to produce faith in her. You can’t feed her with strong words and she lack faith, not possible not just possible. Words of every man are the pointer to his future.

Content of words of life

Knowledge and understanding: This is not a matter of certificate rather portraying skillfulness in what you promised. Obviously when you find a man who possesses adequate knowledge and understanding of what he is about to do you will know because the same way those words carry weight in your spirit as his fiancé the same it will put forth his light and brightness to kings in the world. Example: Your man is a comedia or a pastor, if his comedy does not make you laugh or his preaching doesn’t motivate you how do you expect the world to buy into his market? Note: Your partner is the first testing ground for every man’s vision and purpose. The probability the world will buy into your vision if it cannot move one person (fiancé) is very low. Even Jesus moved twelve before ever thinking of moving the world. It high time your fiancé give you the room of a voice in his life or else both of you are to be blame for failure, when his preaching is boring you tell him where he missed it or his comedy isn’t funny you tell him, to improve him not to cast him down like the public. If you say she is difficult to deal with just know the world is difficult than her.

Note: Your partner is your first vision testing ground. If you cannot convincingly move her to believing in you, how do you plan moving the world?

By knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.

For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counselors there is safety. Prov 24:4-6 KJV

Wisdom: And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times and strength of salvation… Isa33:6KJV. One of the signs of a man with wisdom is stability and calmness (restfulness), you don’t see anxious lion. There is no rush in his life yet he is progressing nothing is making him unrest. You must learn to differentiate public opinion (i.e market voice) in your man from his wisdom in his pursuit of vision or else you might miss a great man by concluding based on public opinion.

Other features of marriage vows

Drive/Passion: No man of the future depends on luck rather they proves there worth and value to the society. There passion or drive is an odour that attest to how much they are ready to pay.

Strength: The strength of a man is his ability to sustain shock, unforeseen circumstances. How does he handle such situation? Very important you know who/where your man run to when situation rise beyond his strength. Is it to you or someone else? How does he respond to it very important so you can know how to help him.

Note: Nothing pains a woman like not been proud of her man, nothing to hold unto, nothing to say etc make today a day of fulfilling your marriage vows.

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