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Gather more strength

Proverb 24 : 10 ” If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small” Inner strength is required to excel in life. There will be many challenges that you will face in life, it is your strength level that will determine if you will conquer those challenges. …

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When to say yes

As sweet as relationship stories are, in reality it’s a different game. And your greatest mistake as a lady is to compare love in films to love in reality. Love films have a way of creating unreality view of love relationship, creating unnecessary desires that most likely are ruining many …

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The Forbidden Passion

Being together

The things that my soul refuses to touch are as my sorrowful meat and what will it look like if our soul desire that which is forbidden? Just like a candle light you wish to touch when we are children, like ashes of coal you desire to walk upon etc …

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Masters of One

Masters are born, they were once a servant, they are trained and sent to reproduce their trainings. Masters are not the best they are the custodian of skills and yet possess abilities to produce best. Our world is moving towards recognizing masters of one and if you don’t understand this …

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Eruption of Destiny

Topic: Eruption of Destiny Text: Mat 1:23-25, 2:1-11 Pregnant women are always given special attention, men only pay attention to stars not you. It takes the birth of something for men to gather for an occasion. Men don’t gather to come play with you, there must be reason for gathering. …

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How to measure leaders in Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed nation with a diverse and large population; with some 250 ethnic groups. Nigeria’s three largest ethnic groups are: Hausa-Fulani (29 percent of the population), Yoruba (21 percent) and Igbo, or Ibo (18 percent). Northern Nigeria is mostly Islamic and dominated by the Hausa-Fulani ethnic group. There are …

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Healing Your Past

Just like demons don’t let go of their victims our pasts life can become a thorn in our flesh. Getting tired of life, boringness in the midst of liveliness are symptoms of past life. The ability to share your past for learning is a sign you are librated if not …

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