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The Perfect Stranger in Relationship


You know we all get our hands dirty not because we wanted it or thought of such outcome but dirt has a way of multiplying itself unknowingly. You couldn’t have known the end of your little step, decisions, admiring, compliments will end you in a mess. Would you have believed the way you do look at her will build up a massive emotional attraction that will eventually override your partner’s love in your heart? No no nooo let talk man to man would you have believed those smiles, handshakes, lunch in office, cracking jokes together would be a device that will create an atmosphere in your heart leading to a gap between you and your partner?

You see our major problem is we don’t check the condition of our heart even when it’s beeping, giving signals of danger, telling us something is weakening her (heart), shutting down the emotional feelings we have towards our partner etc we ignored, you could have said sorry that night rather you choose to screamed at her/him, you could have?

Defining stranger in relationship

Relationship only happens when there is caring, tenderness of heart, vacuum to be filled, when our differences becomes what I uniting us etc that’s the role of strangers in relationship, they aren’t your enemy they are your relationship that you misplaced their role and position in your life.

Thinking: Strangers don’t suddenly enters our lives it all begin when we suddenly wakeup to start thinking on little things we share with them, amplifying it via our thoughts, relating what we share to the solution of our problems. We all face difficulties or issues but what we think to solve them might be a stranger. Now look at this let say there is someone in your office that you enjoy each other normally and on this faithful day you had a disagreement with your partner, on getting to office you suddenly realize the smiles on him/her face or maybe her shapes or his muscles are better off your partner, that’s the stranger. Every male knows the woman his weak to, our thought and attraction towards them attest to it. Thinking too much about someone is not a sign of love especially when it’s rushing and causing uneasiness in our emotions.

Desires/Passion: Until we all understood that desire is a force and what strength it is our exposure. Please I want you to pay attention to this statement “every male has the same desires in relationship but our exposure differentiate the strength and weakness of this desires.” If you don’t believe what I said go ask David and Samson. Have told females, to know the likely problems/challenges a male can give you sexually, financially, socially, spiritually check what his being expose to daily basis. Why do I say this? Males have what we called Adaptive gene for relating to environment i.e Males are created to recreate its environment. So males have issues with environmental condition than females. If a male doesn’t understand its environment it will be difficult for him to survive or impact it which will literally generate massive pressures in him.

Now let me be practical with you am a Nigerian and has lived all my life in Nigeria, have never been to America before (though I love to be there one day) but have watched American’s lifestyle on TV and films, the question is how do I cop with America societies in terms of opposite sex? A man who has some certain taste in females if found in an environment that has it, that change of environment might force out the hidden desires in him. Am telling you, you might mess up badly.

Impact of Environment on desires

  • Interest: Change of environment influence your interest list which we eventually alter your desires knowingly or not and one deadly impact of environment is when it neither add nor remove from your interest list, it seems you are on top of the situation because no visible changes in your old ways. I tell you don’t be too fast in concluding watch inner emotional reaction towards everything your new environment contains.
  • Ambition: Environment can stimulate our ambition to create a vacuum for more which will expose us to meeting new faces. I often say am not afraid of meeting people am only afraid of meeting the wrong person. Be careful of how your ambition is exposing you, try and regulate the people you meet per time.

Strange Imagination: The final stranger, the biggest and one of the deadliest, a self destructive power that renders it victims powerless before attacking. Have you ever wondered how great men fell with anointing? The process of their fall passes through imagination. The desires had filled their heart and soul, overriding every system in them, it’s the final stage of execution it takes divine intervention to stop a partner (male or female) whose imagination has been filled with stranger’s images. God destroyed the first world because of evil imagination, why? Because imagination is a seed that will germinate and as a reproductive power both to influence and replicating itself. It’s only a matter of time for that imagination in you to manifest.

Solution to Stranger

Truth: If you know the truth the truth will set you free. You huge him gently in office and felt the spark i.e you somehow love the press. Face that shortcoming in you and confess to your partner don’t stay in dark to enjoy such experience.

Dating: Any marriage that wants to last these days must implement dating procedures in their marriage. Even though it has been misunderstood by singles of what it stands for but that doesn’t make it bad. It’s a powerful tool good to experience it in marriage.

Exposing each other; Stop isolating your partner from your world (work, finance, social life etc) there is nothing difficult your partner cannot understand. Those you spend your time with are they not humans? Take her/him there too. Spend time to explain to each other your world. So that your love and affection will go beyond home, it will touch every spheres of each other’s life, that way you will share your pains, stress, pressure etc.

I Joseph sam says I love you all.

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God bless

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