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She is God’s image and not your kitchen director

A female child that grows with the mindset

One of God’s greatest work is creating “man” in His image. In the intent of God about man is that man can be male or female. If we want to go by the natural order and the intent of creation neither male nor female is a second fiddle. We can also understand that all the animals created are in pair: male and female. One of the reasons why God create in twos is for continuety of life. Life would have ended a long time if there are only male or female. Man and woman exist because of each other: man exists because of woman and woman exists because of man. None is superior or inferior to another. For example between the head and the heart which one is more important or which one can stand alone? The simple answer is none can do without another, they need each other to make a whole man. In this light, a complete and whole creation comprises of both male and female.

We have so many culture that still view women as second fiddle or see them as accidental creation. There is this mentality of head and tail or president and the masses in some men. Some also have a view that their wives are part of kitchen utensils or indirectly describe them as a clothe that you can change as you wish. Some use their religious teaching to assert this claim whereas they ought to follow a simple sense of reasoning.

I have never seen someone that doesn’t like to express his/her opinion, who doesn’t want to be heard, who doesn’t want his/her opinion to be respected, who doesn’t want to be cared for. If all men want these because we are created with emotion, why are some men depriving some women of these. Maybe they think women are inanimate object that lacks feelings and emotions. Sometimes you hear words like “women do not talk when men are talking” or “women are not strategic in thinking therefore their opinion count less”. All these are derogatory statement that undermines God’s ability in creating them and telling God indirectly that women are most redundant of all the creation.

One of the ways to show that we value our existence is by respecting ourselves either we are male or female. Respect is very important in marriage. If your daughter grows with a mindset that women are valueless, voiceless and helpless as a result of how you treat her mother, such child will grow with zero self-esteem and self-confidence. She will believe the that world has no place for her. A man that doesn’t respect you as a woman does not deserve to be call your husband.


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