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Believe system in relationship



One of the major reasons why there is misunderstanding is when world views are different. For two people to agree on any issue they must have the same reference point. Even in order to solve any conflict one must be able to first find the commom ground before any reasonable contribution can be made. So this makes believe system very important in relationship.

Few hours ago a friend was discussing an issue with me and I was unable to contibute much because I sense that we have a different believe system about the discussion. If I am to contribute, I will be talking base on my believe system Which he may not totally agree with base on his own believe system. There are so many factors that play in during discussion and one of it is the core believe of individual. After discovering this simple truth I decided to keep mute because we may never agree since we have different reference point. There is this saying “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, you can only bring out what is in your heart. Whatever is in your heart is a product of your believe. If you don’t believe it you wouldn’t have retained it in your heart. You retained it in your heart because you are convinced and persuaded by it. If I talked from my own believe point which is quite different from his own, it may pose a threat to his believe and argument may arise.

It is very important for anyone going into relationship to check whether their believe system align to a greater degree. This is to avoid conflict and enables security in the home. Different believe system can pose serious threat to any relationship. Different believe system is like two people coming from different world because the experience of one is absolutely different from the other. Their experience would inform whatever they do or say.

One of the ways different believe system can be manage is to acknowledge this simple fact and also respect each other’s view. A very good example is a relationship between a bird and a fish. A bird will prefer to fly and have a nice time on a tree while a fish will prefer to swim in water. The bird may be angry with the fish if the fish insist that they must both live in water while the same goes for fish. They are far apart because of their experience and their nature. In human case we have more intellect than lower animals, so we can solve our differences intellectually. The moment you recognize this difference you will immediately gain control over your emotion that may want to betray your brain.

Amos 3 : 3 “Can two walk together unless they agree”. There must be alignment in believe before any relationship can be successful.

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