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You can never be where you used to be


Nobody starts life great, they all evolve

Some days ago I was going through some of my wife’s pictures, I was just laughing at some of the pictures I saw. I showed those pictures to her while I was still laughing. She also laughed with me because she knew the reason why I was laughing continuously. I was laughing because she can never assume the posture in those pictures again because it is old fashion and also the quality of the pictures are not obtainable in the time we are now. This simple act made me to understand that life is moving.

I also thought about what we used to be and what we are now, sometimes we may not be able to marry the two together. I believe if some of you should see some of your primary school notes, you will be amazed and even ask yourself ” am I the one that wrote this?”. This is to tell you that you are not where you used to be. Even what you are now can not be compared with what you will be in some years to come because you would have changed either you recognise it or not. I believe there are some of my articles that I will still laugh at because I would have improved and have better understanding of the subject. Life is moving and not stagnant.

Nobody starts life great, they all evolve into greatness. The best scientists, writers, athletes, singers e.t.c don’t start from being the best. I believe that if some of them should look back at what they were and what they are now, all they will do is to laugh. Many of the great writers will laugh at some articles they have written years back because they have out grown that writing ways. Things will definitely change if you are pressing and making effort to be better. Life will support and work in favour of those they are ready to embrace change.

Never be discourage with the level you are now because you will definitely out grown that level if you dont give up. If you give up you will retrogress: you will even move below where you are now. I have notice that anything you don’t continue with, a time is coming that you will ask yourself “how did I do this?”. It will look like a big task that you don’t think you can get to again. There is a possibility of progression if you don’t give up and regression if you quit.

I just want you to know that you can never be where you used to be. Although, you may not be conscious of it but if you think deep you will discover that you have move ahead of some level you were some years back.


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