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You will never know all in the beginning


I have never seen a man that has the full glimpse of what he wants to venture into at the beginning. If he knew all he needs to know from the beginning, it means there is no room for learning has he moves on. Learning is a vital part of anything you want to venture into in life.

Imagine a medical student in 100 level saying “I already knew all I need to know about medicine”. If I happen to meet such student, I will ask him this important question”why are you in school?”. If he is one of those smart guys out there, he may say “to obtain the certificate”, I will also smartly answer him “you have just come to waste your valueable time all in the name of certificate”. This is just the joke side of it. In reality there is no student that can actually say “he has known all he needs to know from the beginning”. The same goes for businessmen and any other endeavour one wants to venture into. Because of the simple fact, everybody start on a level playing seeking to learn in other to improve and be successful.

You should never be discourage at what you are doing presently, just keep learning everyday and you will be amazed at what your life will turn to be later in life. Success is the result of the accumulation of what you have learned and applied. What you have not learned will be difficult to apply. This is a very important key that all students and businessmen and women must understand.

A Student must know that he is the same with his colleagues because they are both in school to learn. Although, he may not have the same knowledge base with his colleagues. He must try to understand has quickly has possible in other to factor to reckon with in his or her department. What separate best students from avearge students is the amount of knowledge individual were able to acquire and apply. You must let this knowledge be in you because it will help you to understand that you need to learn for you to grow.

As a business man or woman, you must continue to learn about your business at each face as quickly as possible. Don’t be worried that you haven’t got to the level you may want to get to, all you just need to do is to keep learning and applying all you have learned. You can not get there in a day but definitely you will evolve into that greater height you have aspired.


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