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Who to say yes to Part 1

Marriage has become fear to singles, to some a prison while others don’t know what marriage is. Don’t be surprise that not many singles knows why marriage was initiated and who initiated it. Many go into marriage because it’s a normal norm in the society or maybe to be legal for sexual activities but very few understood what keeps marriage.

Note: Love relationship does not necessarily need to end in marriage (David and Jonathan are good example).

The First marriage

The first marriage was not called marriage by God. This is what God said:

And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. Gen 2:18 KJV

God never called her wife nor gave her a name, God only gave the purpose of what he is about to create.


Adam’s work in first marriage

It was Adam that interpreted the plans and purpose of God and called her bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman. Adam was the one that gave the purpose of God (woman) for him the best role in his life. He could have given it another role.

Note: Every purpose of God must be given first priority for maximum impact and benefit. The woman was God’s purpose and plans which must be given the first priority if you ever want to enjoy it maximally.

Heb 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age; even those who  by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

Now prior to God bringing the woman to Adam, you will discovered that God brought animals first to see what he would call them. Say to yourself that was the test of God for Adam’s sense: The test of Adam senses:

Seeing Eye: Why didn’t God tell Jeremiah it was almond tree why asking him (Jer1:11)? Was it not God that created it? Except we understand why God gave us eye to see you will have challenges in marriage and miss it. The first marriage was established on seeing not one spiritual dream or voice. Adam could have called lion goat or eagle for chicken. A man who cannot see the original purpose (help meet) upon your life cannot have your yes. A man who cannot interpret your role in his life correctly and as a priority will crash you out. There was no place eve told Adam Yes but I guess she saw Adam and saw a man she can follow. Have seen females that accepted a brother because of a spirit voice or something but naturally she says I cannot follow this brother. How can you say yes to someone that does not command your followership? God cannot be an author of confusion.

The seeing eye is to prevent perversion in marriage, disordering of natural balance of creation. Females you need to be careful of sexual capacity of your man or else he will wake up one morning with hunt for perversion.

Perversion simply means a disorderliness or abuse of natural use to fit our feeling or wants. Example of perversion:

Anal sex: God already given virginal well grease and naturally well flavor why anal again? God isn’t stupid or foolish, everyone knew anal is for an output of waste product in the body and Jesus said so, why disturbing your wife for anal sex? Even chickens know where to insert except humans.

Same sex: It’s obvious same sex marriage will practice anal sex because God didn’t give virginal to males nor penis to females. You need to break out of that hold and forgive your past.

Note: It’s bad sight that makes a horse a sex mate in our society. Adam could have called lion is bone of his bone if the seeing eye has issue.

The seeing eye is given by God for correct definition of God’s creation and where they fit into in our lives. The spiritual side is to create things that are missing in our lives but it’s our responsibilities to interpret them perfectly.

What is Seeing Eye?

The seeing eye of Adam saw bone and flesh. You see, today’s Christianity is full of lies and not the truth. Adam saw bone and flesh not revelation not vision not one biblical quote, just to make his propose to the sister to look spiritual we employ all kinds of bible quotation and vision. Adam was a highly spiritual being here yet he didn’t negate the fact that he is going to live with a bone and flesh.

Reality: Every time humans negate the reality of creation there will be misplacement in priorities. This mean Adam saw a replica of him, someone with the same thinking, influence, emotional attraction etc that’s why they say likes begat likes or you can only attract who you are.

Now let me be practical, marrying someone outside your reality (world) is disastrous. Your world isn’t your institution, course of study or certificate rather what makes you different from others. Your reality is the scope of your thinking, emotional satisfaction, intellect etc I remember telling a brother I don’t like a sister even though it obvious she likes me. A friend told me to pray for direction and I said for what? I don’t have emotional attraction to someone, I don’t like her so I should pray for what? The bible says you cannot come to me except the father draws you. There is drawing things (connection/attraction) before considering the person. It’s possible you don’t know each other but when you set your eye on each other something should click within you or as your get close the feeling get strong.

There is more of bone and flesh in marriage than spirituality because our spiritual duties can be perform outside marriage (Jesus said so Mat 19) and our duties can be faster achieved (Paul said so).


Reflection: The seeing eye is like a mirror that shows you your reflection. Mirrors don’t tell lies except you have spoilt yours at home. Naturally God has put it there to know who fit into our life. When our conscience has clarity of vision like a mirror you don’t need to pray to know how you look in a mirror. When there is greediness and crazy expectations in females she will see the man of her life and throw it away for money. Every female must know they are help meet, to help the man that is followable, that has discovered the purpose of living, that has correct priorities of your roles in his life, that knows you are a bone and flesh of him etc if you are not ready to help him then you yourself aren’t fit. Marriage is a home and home is built not an escape route from poverty. You has a female has the right to fight poverty on your own don’t wait for any man. Whatever that makes you to be poor is also responsible to make the man to be poor. Both are to be blame for poverty not just males alone.

Note:If you want a marriage with wealth then start by being wealthy yourself as a single woman and without no doubt you will meet wealthy men as your caliber. You can’t be living in maitama in Abuja, Nigeria and have mechanics or carpenters as your toaster or else you need prayer of deliverance. It’s a natural law but when you see a girl in oju elegba in lagos and she is looking for pilot to be her husband there will be issue. Environment determines the set of males or females you meet to marry not necessarily God is the one controlling it (Though God does miracles but few have this experiences). Mirrors don’t lie, you will get your reflection of a certain. You want a classic male be classic as a female, you want a faithful man be faithful also.

Note: God is a spirit and spirit don’t marry, if you claim you hear God telling you anything know that the responsibilities of getting result is on you not God. Marriage is more of bones and flesh not spirit.

I Joseph sam says I love you all.

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God bless

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