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The role of history in connecting the dots


History hasn’t been part of some important aspect of life I have paid serious attention to for some years now . Although, I have read through the life of the Apostles in the bible, how they fought for the gospel and how some of them were martyred. Watching a movie titled “Root” gave me a glimpse of what history can do in the life of a man and some level of understanding it can produce in him. There is a proverb in yoruba that says “always remember the son of who you are”. It is a call to remember your source or your root. If you don’t have an understanding of this root there is no way such adage will produce the desired effect in you.

History can enable someone to reassess his life and to change course perhaps he has been toiling on a wrong path. It is a channel to get some picture of past event and use that knowledge gained to assist in addressing both the present and future situation. It also helps to protect culture and believe because of your access to past events. I am strongly of the opinion that people shouldn’t dwell on the past but they can use events of the past to help both the present and the future endeavours.

Back to the movie I watched which is titled “Root” I was able to see the price some set of people paid for them to get freedom. This gave me a notion that “freedom isn’t free, there is a price tag on it”. Freedom should be maintained and not trade for anything because of the sacrifice some set of people made. This idea of freedom is gradually eroding because in Africa we are the ones enslaving ourselves through our leaders. A friend use this analogy for the way we are treating ourselves, he said” you(leaders) have a hen(masses) and at the same time you are systematically removing its feather, till the time the hen has no feather. You know fully well that such act will inflict pain on the hen. After that, you pour millet on the floor( the millet indicate the crumbs our leaders gives to us) directly to yourself, the hen will still eat it and even come to where you are.”When we look back and see what some set of people fought for, that should give us a sense that we must treat ourselves with decency, respect and dignity.

It is common in this part of the world for parents to tell their children that “none of your family has gotten to a particular height before in life”, hearing such statement will arouse a feeling in you that you must surpass such a level. History helps to tell what people were in the past, their struggle and pain, what they fought for and the odds they were able to bit. Having this kind of knowledge should enable us to create a better future for ourselves. It has a way of giving strength to the weak hands by assisting him in connecting the dots. I believe history is an open knowledge to anyone that wants to embrace it.

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