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Reasons you should take your appearance serious

Your appearance is what project you and it says a lot about you. It shouldn’t being taken for granted rather you should be serious about it. No matter what you earn, try to look good according to your purse.

I have never taken this subject serious until yesterday when I saw what actually made me to realize that no matter your financial status and your situation try to look good. A guy approached my wife yesterday on our way to church, he asked my wife the way to a particular church. The church happened to be where we were going, but my wife responded to him shortly because we are late for service and she did not want to be disturbed or distracted since we were late. I was just observing the scenario, although, all these happened in few seconds. According to her, two thoughts came to her mind: (i) maybe he was going to a place near the church and he is using the name of the church to locate the place, since the church is a popular place. (ii) maybe the guy wanted  to steal something from her.   The reason for such thought was because the guy was improperly dressed and he wasn’t with a bible.


I immediately noticed that  the guy was following us closely, I was even afraid that the guy won’t do anything stupid to us since we didn’t know his mission. The guy entered the church with us and even sat behind us. Anybody that saw us will think the guy came to church with us. Later he left his place and moved forward for him to see the projector because we sat at the gallery.  It was when he left for the front seat that my fear was alleviated . Some minutes before the closing of the service the pastor called the first timer and the guy stood up and went forward. It was then I had a sense of guilt that we would have attended to this guy better when we first saw him. I immediately got over it because I took my time to think through what happened.


My experience yesterday taught me that the first thing people see about you before you can be granted audience is your appearance. I am not saying you should put on expensive clothes, but just look fairly good for you to have people’s attention. Your appearance says a lot about you. We are in a society that people can mistake you for lunatics, thieves etc because of the way you dress. Even if you are passing through a tough time or challenges, don’t let that show on your face or in your dressing. Appearance first before the content.


Mere looking at some ladies you can tell whether they have value or not, whether they are honorable or not. You can only attract people like you with your appearance. I am not saying we should look down on people or shun those that are poor in our society. The society we are doesn’t respect and have regard for people when they look like someone that can harm them. Because of this fact, one must at least look okay for you to gain a listening ear from people and to be respected.



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