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Notes on quantization of energy

Max planck explained that energy from such bodies is emitted in separate or discrete packets of energy known as energy quanta or photo of amount hv where v is the frequency of radiation and he represents Planck’s constant, then energy by the equation E = nhf f       =        c/λ c …

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The Power of Redemption part 1

If you have never struggled with an old flesh (habit, attribute, act, behavior etc) I bet if you can preach the message of the cross properly. If you have never tasted an influencing force that’s making Christian journey a living hell, taking all your liberty in Christ that you don’t …

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It is within your reach

Have you ever notice that most of what you see in your night dreams are what you have interacted with in the past and in the present? If you have never been to a place before, the probability that you won’t have a dream about it is 95% because many …

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Notes on optics : light waves

Transmission of light Light can travel through a solid, liquid and gas or vacuum. Therefore, it does not need a maternal medium for its transmission. Types of object/substance 1          Opaque object: These are objects that do not allow light to pass through them, e. g wood, stone, table, wall, etc. …

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