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Who to say yes to Part 1

Marriage has become fear to singles, to some a prison while others don’t know what marriage is. Don’t be surprise that not many singles knows why marriage was initiated and who initiated it. Many go into marriage because it’s a normal norm in the society or maybe to be legal …

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Notes on simple machine

MACHINES A machine is any device by means of which work can be done more conveniently. Mechanical Advantage (M.A.)   The M.A. of a machine is defined as the ratio of load to the effort Mechanical Advantage (M.A.) = load / effort Velocity Ratio (V.R.)  The velocity ratio V.R. of a …

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How to solve questions on Heat energy for UTME

Question 1 A 2000W electric heater is used to heat a metal object of mass 5kg initially at 10oC. If a temperature rise of 30oC is obtained after 10 min, the heat capacity of the material is{utme 2003} A. 6.0 x 104JoC-1             B. 4.0 x 104JoC-1             C. 1.2 x 104JoC-1                …

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Notes on conduction through liquid and gases

CONDUCTION THROUGH LIQUIDS Electrolysis: Is the chemical change in a liquid due to the flow of electric current. Electrolytes Are liquid that are good conductor of electricity. Non-electrolytes are liquid that are poor conductor of electricity. Application of Electrolysis Electroplating: Is the process of coating metals with another metal in …

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JAMB to begin sale of 2017 application on Monday 20th March,2017 to Wednesday 19th April,2017. The UTME 2017 Fee is 5,500 Naira. This includes Registration fees, Reading text and all other Document (Syllabus and Brochure). Sales of Form ends on Wednesday 19th April 2017 while the Registration portal closes on …

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Notes on basics electronics for UTME

Conductors are substances that allow the passage of electricity through them. Insulation is a substance that will not permit the passage of electricity through them. Insulators are material that do not allow the passage of electricity through them. Semi conductors are materials having intermediate electrical conductivity between that of conductors …

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Accounting Software Project

Hello fans, this is a real life csharp project which can be use by sales department in any business enterprise. Try to take your time as a beginner to learn every single techniques, and am sure it will speed up your learning skill in csharp. Thanks (click here to download)

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