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The Power of Redemption Part 3


Redemption comes with a mighty power and that power isn’t at the surface. Jesus said the kingdom is within you. It therefore requires some prices to experience the richness of redemption. Men who experience the manifestation of the power of redemption paid prices for it. Salvation is free experiencing the power of redemption is a work no man can do for you. When a man dies and leaves inheritance for his children do they have to confess to experience it or engage what was given for full proof of the inheritance?

For everyone that useth milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.

But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil Heb5:12-14.

There is no baby that grows to maturity on liquid meals, a stage most come when solid food must be taken and I tell you today is that day for you.

God never choose leading minister for any nation but via individual commitment and prices paid brought the remarkable experiences of redemption power that draws multitude. Jesus said in his parable “a seed fell on good ground producing 30, 60, and 100”. Greatness is not based on the likeness of men rather on seed sown, believe me, not all great men are liked until they became great.

No one drops from heaven, every anointing is attracted by the life of the carrier e.g Jesus loves righteousness and hated wickedness and God anointed him. Anointing is not free and infact authentic anointing is attached to a particular spiritual lifestyle that pleases God. So we are both responsible for whatever we become, God never anoint a man based on partiality or preferences rather how much responsibility you are willing to shoulder not how much revelation you want to share (we thank God for that) most great servants of God aren’t that eloquent yet mighty in deeds for God proved them right.

You can begin your way into an unending experience of the power of redemption by stop wishing and begin to engage spiritual mysteries. I tell you there are men with spiritual bodies here on earth.

Understanding the levels of Nutrition

One day I went to meet my shepherd and asked “when will I look like Jesus sir? Because that’s the reason I joined the ministry.” Not to be a drummer or trained to be an usher, i wanted to be like Jesus. He looked at me and said your thirst and panting in the spirit hath sprung so much boldness in you to utter such words and today begins your trainings. My shepherd said “I can only take you to the spiritual realm have been, you will take yourself to the spiritual realm you desired.” Which realm do you desire? Are you been fed to pant after God or something else? A true shepherd will sacrifice everything to make you look like Jesus being time conscious not to make you a family head brother after 3years in church. For Christ sake the same 3years Jesus used to make Apostles out of fisher men someone is using such years to make a family head in the name of training. We have ministry today that it will take 30years to make Apostle out of you if God decided to follow their church structure no wonder young Apostles today aren’t birth forth by church structures. Church structures are killing younger generation, they look at their mistakes too much underestimating what redemption can make out of them. Every kingdom products are always timely not late comers. Apostle Peter was the eldest apostle while others are in their 20’s I guessed. My pastor said to me son the experiences I desired is directly proportional to my personal walk with the Lord but he will build me solid foundation from his own spiritual powers that will accelerate the manifestation of the experiences I desired. My question is how many ministries today can make Apostles out of fisher men who are stack illiterate if men who are literate and learned are difficulty for today’s church? But I believe there are still shepherds who know the heart of the father, who knows what it means to make men look like Jesus. Those shepherds don’t waste time they know what to do. Please note there are still pastors who have genuine call and are serious to it. Many young brothers have tasted more than four ministries for what reason? If they have right feeding they will not need to be jumping pillar to pole.

What older generation should know?

They should give room for younger generation to express their gifting in church

They should pose an attitude that accommodates their mistakes. (They should not be afraid of making mistakes but never to give up)

They should trust redemption to do his work in their lives.

Nutritional Level

As new born babes, desire the sincere milk of the word that ye may grow thereby. 1Pet2:2

You see no man enters a strong man’s house and spoil him except a stronger than him. So it takes some spiritual strength to overcome and take charge of your possession. There must be some meals to possess strength and as a new born again your first step into spiritual strength is the feeding of the milk level of the word of God.

I have fed you with milk and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it; neither yet now are ye able. 1cor3:2

You see your desires and thirst are what proves your readiness for new stage of feeding. You cannot be comfortable with your correct status and expect your spirit to bear more feeding/truth. When a baby is not hungry if you give him food will he take? Even if he take he will waste lot of it. Your spiritual strength is measure based on truth you can bear, honestly some truth can unbalance or hurt you. Spiritual Strength is the ability to absorbed deep truth even when you are not aware of it. It’s a shock absorber in you. Today if someone shows me more deep insight to what am teaching I will immediately correct myself and let the world knows there is an update. There is no sin in being wrong and if you felt something is wrong with my teachings just let me know.

Why do you need milk?

The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring into the house of the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk. Ex23:19 KJV

The milk stage is a highly protective stage. All your mistakes and errors is in the account of God himself, all your mistakes is regarded as an act of baby and that’s why God got angry at pharaoh for not honoring the firstfruit principle of God.

Note: Do not repeat what you did at baby level at meat level because you will be surprised at the repercussion of such an act.

Levels of growth and importance of the milk

For strong teeth: His eyes shall be red with wine and his teeth white with milk. Abraham Lincoln said give me 6hours to cut down a tree and I will use 4hours to sharpen the teeth.

Behold I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth; thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small and shalt make the hills as chaff. Isa

Dictionary meaning of teeth: The ability to be enforced or to be enforced to any useful effect.

You can easily know why some Christians are being buffeted or living low to the expectation of the father. Poor teeth are a shortage to an effective living. You cannot roar like a lion because what instill that identity in you isn’t there. Identity becomes confession when confusion set in.

  1. Strong teeth give you boldness to tear mountains
  2. Strong teeth make you dare the impossible
  3. Strong teeth possess mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay, nor resist luk21:15

Your responses to life will be sharp and accurate, begging can never come out of your mouth such attitudes will be paralyzed via the strong teeth you possess because you know how to chew the mountains confronting your destiny.

For supernatural strength: His breasts are full of milk, and his bones are moistened with marrow Job21:24. One of the first important of milk is to develop spiritual bones that are well set and structured. Why is it necessary we possess fitted bones:

For terminating fear: His bones are as strong pieces of brass his bones are like bars of iron Job 40:18. God told Job leviathan doesn’t fear anything because the structural composition is highly fitted. Infact God told Job “if you dare touch him and remember the battle, you will do no more” Job41:8. The way we response is highly important. The devil shouldn’t touch your health and let him go scout free, that’s why he kept coming he is a bully. Let me tell you one truth, you don’t see men with huge muscles and address them anyhow because something is sending fear from them. When your bones are failing your strength is fading.

For Sight: His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk and fitly set. Song of solomon5:12

Before God commission any of his servants he ensures they have the Seeing Eye. Why is the Seeing Eye important to your Christianity growth? The prophet joel said the last days army will see a waste land like the garden of eden. This is the power of Seeing Eye, it affect your perspective and judgment.

The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart (spirit); and a good report maketh the bones fat. Prov 15:30

One of the primary sources of joy is sight (seeing right things). It natural to be discourage when all you see is impossibility of your vision and dreams in life. One day the Lord sent me to a place he wanted me to start ministry to see how it look. It was an out sketch of the city and I was not happy as a person, why village of all places but hear what the Lord told me “Son I gave you this place as an inheritance to possess, a place where no one has taken over it’s a virgin land” that was when I saw through the life of my father Abraham. Do you know what Abraham said concerning his wife death “I am a stranger and a sojourner with you; give me a possession of a buryingplace with you, that I may bury my dead out of my sight Gen 23:4” The reason why father Abraham want to bury his dead was because of seeing things right. You cannot possess your possession seeing many things at the same time.

Why dove eye?

Doves can only focus on an object one at a time maybe because of their head shape which means they have singular focus. Why this is important to our Christian journey as a young believer is to give your strength to the pursuit of God and also increase thirst for new things in God.

A man of God once said your knowledge must be above your experiences if not it means you are backsliding. You see what really increases our desire towards God is the knowledge of him that we know but yet to experience the manifestation of those knowledge. For example:

If you enter into marriage as a virgin brother and you truly love the sister you are engage with. You cannot compare your desire to have her like another brother who has tasted the experience before marriage. Have often told young men that sex must sit on a platform of concentrated knowledge of each other or else the more you have sex you see your feeling for each other dying. Having God’s power without proper knowledge of him will kill you.

The is the simple picture of the explanation of that man of God, when you are fed with the right knowledge of God and you have not touch it, am telling you, you will feel intoxicated, you will be panting in your spirit, something will be looking for God at all means.

For Understanding Doctrine: Whom shall he teach knowledge? And whom shall he make to understand doctrine? Them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. Isa 28:9.

Please don’t be personal with what you are about to read here ok. It’s an error for a Christian not to understand the principle of the doctrine of Christ. I mean it’s a believer’s foundation class principle which every ministry should have.

One of the major issues and conflict among believers is doctrine and it’s so dishearten. There is no pride in doctrinal knowledge because it’s a milk level for Christ sake. By now there are something you should know as a young believer eg should women cover their head or not, remarriage and divorce, wearing of jewel, forever saved teachings, laying of hands, finished work of the cross. “True believers foundation class must include Heb5:12-14, 16:1-8”. It pains me how we argue on doctrinal issues. My prayer for you is that you find the Lord’s shepherd for your soul and spirit.
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