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The power of influence


I have observed for a while why people change negatively. Though, the change might not be sudden, but the change is always systematic. It always baffles me how easily a mind can be influenced negatively by his environment and people he/she surrounds himself with. I once interviewed a woman and asked her about her husband. She told me that “my husband wasn’t like this before we got married and even some few years after she got married to him, but now this is not the man I married”. Recently, I met one of my students after some years and I discovered that she has been negatively influenced. I took my time to study people she surrounded herself with and I discovered that she has surrounded herself with friends that have influenced her negatively.

Influence is so powerful that it can kill good morals, hard work and good manners out of you. Show me your friends and I will let you know your idea and concept of life. Friends are thought, opinion and decision molders. The way they mold is by influence which is always systematic. You may not notice that your life is changing in reverse direction because the influence is systematic. After the deal has been done, you start seeing life from their point of view. It is very important to always ask yourself “are my friends and the environment adding values to my life?” One of the ways to know is whether your life is progressing or retrogressing. If your life is retrogressing, check the friends you keep and your environment. Friends, what you feed your mind with and environment are good predictor of the kind of life you will live. They contribute significantly to your level of attainment in life.

I consider a man blessed when he is surrounded with people with right view and mindset. Such people are instrument of growth. They are like good ground where growth can be enhanced. It is very important to be conscious of the kind of environment and friends you associate with before you see a life you don’t bargain for. What you read or watch is as important as your friends and environment. You can’t be feeding your mind with junks and expect your life to be meaningful. One of the ways you feed your mind is by reading and watching. It is what you put in that you will give out. It is expedient you feed your mind with good books for you to be enriched internally.

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