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Solutions to some algebraic questions

Question 1 A trader bought 100 oranges at 5 for #1.20, 20 oranges got spoilt and the remaining were sold at 4 for #1.50. find the percentage gain or loss. 30% gain          B. 25% gain              C. 30% loss                     D. 25% loss Solution The cost price for the 100 oranges = …

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Matric Student Project

This is also a beginner project that has cool features for beginner. Download it and study the code one by one. Any issue please message me. Click here to download   //Function to create an XMLHttp Object. function getxmlhttp (){ //Create a boolean variable to check for a valid Microsoft …

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E-Learning Student Project

This project is meant for beginner though it needs your concentration to understand it because it uses Access database. But be sure of one thing if you need assistance just send me a message. Click here to download index code <?php session_start(); $uid = $_SESSION[‘uid’]; if($_POST[‘ev’] == “1”) { $subj …

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How to solve questions on gas law for UTME

  Question 1 The pressure of a given mass of a gas changes from 300Nm-2 to 120Nm-2 while the temperature drops from 127oC to –73oC. The ratio of the final volume to the initial volume is{UTME 2001} A. 2 : 5              B. 4 : 5                     C. 5 : 2                     D. …

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Short notes on gas law for UTME

Boyle’s law Boyle’s law states that the volume of a fixed mass of gas is inversely proportional to the pressure provided that the temperature remains constant. If p is the pressure, v the volume and t the temperature in the Kelvin, Then the law can be stated as follows: P …

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The Power of Redemption Part 3

Redemption comes with a mighty power and that power isn’t at the surface. Jesus said the kingdom is within you. It therefore requires some prices to experience the richness of redemption. Men who experience the manifestation of the power of redemption paid prices for it. Salvation is free experiencing the …

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