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Theories of Dimensions

God is too dynamic for anyone of us to tie down in one corner. He made rules of no working on Sabbath days when he came in the flesh he proved with authentic argument why his apostles were right in tearing corn on Sabbath not only that he himself doing miracles on Sabbath. I mean this is obviously the rules he gave them but unfortunately for this guys (Pharisee) they didn’t know God is too dynamic. He created a way out of that rule but because they didn’t know they were restricted.

The great exception

Every rules of God has exceptions in it, your ability in recognizing exception gives you a upper hand in working in and out of rules that seems like restriction for others. Exceptions are created for liberty or freedom not for abuse and that’s why they are difficult to discover or accept. Denying Jesus is one of the greatest offences in the kingdom, yes or No? Well peter didn’t deny Jesus only but denied him to face yet he escaped punishment, damnation to hell. Exception is the power to overrule a standing judgment no matter the offence. This is one greatest system of kingdom dimensions, whatever exception power says stand, it a reversal principle of God, to reverse whatever command he has written. It sometimes function has a counter power if the command given must be executed. It plays the role of another power that counters another judgment.

Note: Every rule in this kingdom has a two way (in and out) your understanding and knowledge of his will guarantee your liberty and enjoyment in the kingdom. There are rules that restrict others but you pass through it safely because of your understanding of exceptional rules. It will do you good to know exceptional principle in the kingdom.

In my little time with God have learnt lots of things about systems that God run. He has keys to every door therefore he can open it and close it at his will. Any subject of the kingdom you don’t have the keys to, you will find yourself restricted (meaning your dimensions will be in effective) will find it difficult to explain the liberty in that subject. Therefore your understanding will bring these following issues:

  1. Conflict in people
  2. There are men who look for way out of every issue in life (freedom) before accepting your theories.
  3. There are men who look for understanding your theories first before thinking of freedom.

Note: Men that seek freedom by nature are always agent of change in approach. They question you, throws attitudes because they want your theories to prove freedom (a way out). They hate being restricted.

The three dimension of God and life

  1. Thought  2.Mind  3. Will

Your ability to explain God’s principles in this wise will earn you a total free expression i.e freedom, understanding plans, purpose etc behind every rules in the kingdom. The main aim of God for humanity is to have freedom, a freedom they can control. God isn’t terrorize with humans having freewill and I think he has proved that. It is in God’s plan for humanity to have their kingdom and that he promised to give. Don’t ever compare God and devil together, it’s an insult on god’s personality. To be rating his creation to his dimensions. Those in battles is humans and devils not God and anybody. Your ability to explain God in this dimension is being an expert/master/skillful in handling God’s dynamism without entering into error. I supposed mistake in God’s dynamism is somehow inevitable.

Diagrammatic expression of dimensions


Fig 1


Fig 2

These are the two diagrammatic expressions of the dimensions of God. There are those whose teachings and descriptions of God’s principles are fig 1 responsive.

Fig 1 Explanation

Mostly they don’t follow order which makes there teachings difficult to understand and probably hard to trace. It takes some little bit of carefulness in studying their teachings to grasp their understanding and knowledge because their expression of God’s principles and kingdom is in a flow, something like connection and unless you get these connection you cannot arrive at the purpose of their teachings and doctrines.

The conflict that comes with these patterns of expression is that people who cannot correctly understand the flow of expression of their theories or teachings of the writer will find themselves lost in any of the circles of dimension. The followers of these set of expressional pattern can sometimes argue on things that are the same but because they are talking from different circles and cannot find the flow that joins them together then they create conflict. You see different school of thought about one subject not knowing they are saying the same thing but from a different circle of flow. They simply mean they got lost in flow of expression leading to lost of focus and purpose of the writer.

In trying to bring light to the fig 1 concept of explaining dimensions of God men have been hooked up in a particular expression which has brought much pains.

One of the good about this expression is the ease of flow in understanding dynamism of God i.e intercepting circles without restriction. You don’t have to know completely a circle to have an inflow from another circle. Infact you can have different pattern in a time space without having to reverse time. Meaning you easily can move with God changes in his dimension since there is room for dynamism in the expression. Your teaching, doctrines, theories etc can touch every circle of dimension without need of changing pattern/flow of connectivity. There is ease in sharing influences from each dimension.

Fig 2

This is an expression that develops process in achieving dimensions in God. There is orderliness in the study, proper layout in getting the circles purpose, you pay attention to a circle to prove every understanding. This is good for building classic doctrines with proper detail. Easily transferable by generation and any set of human being, no matter your believe system, tradition, cultures etc can adopt it. Because it seem more acceptable since it is detailed.

As much as good this expression is it has side effects also.

Time consuming: It is time consuming as it is impossible, practically unrealistic to understand a circle of dimension completely. In their trying to understand the detail of a circle they miss out whenever there are changes in dimension (when God switch for whatever purpose he has in mind). Highly rigid expression because it believes there are proves to his doctrines/teaching/theories due to its generational lineage/root in the proving works. Very sluggish to impact the new things of dimension, always behind time. In simple explanation they cannot collapse time which limits their scope of influence as time continues to leave them behind.

It’s not dynamic: Since time consumption has made the expression rigid therefore they are not dynamic in time space, insensitive to changes in seasons. They don’t want to know what is happening in other circles even if it will help them or be a pointer to explaining the current circle of dimension they are in. They cannot collapse between circles of dimension, it just hard for them to comprehend.

One arrow sided: This is one big issue because the expression is one pattern flow. No matter the level of circle they are in they cannot flow/change/switch their pattern of explaining dimension. Example: If they start from dimension mind to will dimension they cannot get out of that flow or get to a point and reverse the flow. It’s one way side pattern. For them to reverse it will mean they will have to start new studies of dimension because the flow of pattern they choose go along way with their doctrines, theories etc that’s why those with this expression find it difficult to change their flow.

Limit in this article

If you have been following my articles you will know there are limit in my discussions and also especially on relationship topics. Pardon me to say as at the compilation of this compressed article, I discovered the third nature of diagrammatical expression but could not capture it representation. But for the purpose of who God will use in explaining this third expression to forward this article in the nearest future the nature is called Diffusion State. This is a state in which the dimensions diffuse into each other for an expression (representation). This I could not understand due to my limit.

Please do bear with me on many of my articles, they are series you need patience for me to touch every area of issue. Don’t yet judge any article until I say am through with it. Thanks

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God bless.

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