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The Tenth Hour Part 1

You cannot imagine this, it can only be explain by God. Tenth hour, the miracle working Jesus did it again bringing an encounter to a man overnight that brought forth the revelation of who Jesus is. The overwhelming joy in this man springforth great boldness to preach his encounter to another man. At tenth hour when it seems all hope is gone because all this man knew is the baptism of John, he can’t speak in tongues, born again for years following the order of John baptism and met the man called Jesus at the tenth hour who showed him the dwelling place of the most high God. A place where flesh and blood cannot take you, your fasting and prayer cannot bring such encounter, only at the command of Jesus can you get there. Somebody is here to have that encounter this morning because that man didn’t just know the dwellings of the ancient of days overnight, they also shew him overnight the revelation of bringing others into this dwelling of his majesty. Oh my God, he wasn’t confuse for he knew the path to take.

The hour has come to liberate men from all oppression of the enemy via the word of God and am sending you to undertake this task.

Somebody is out there to be the next Philip under the intoxicating power of the holyghost to find every wondering and speculating Nathaniel in the last days because overnight working wonder Jesus will break bread and explode the scriptures, the laws of moses and that of the prophet. A strange revelation that will shake your Christian foundation, shaking every unstable peter and bringing out the rock in you that will confront every power of darkness and of the wickedness in high places. There is a lion that will rise in you in this tenth hour that will usher in the 11th hour ministries and ministers to haste the work of the father. With prophetic timbre and harps will they prophesy, it will prick the heart of men. Haa o ma lagbara, agbara esu ko ni ka yi, o ma deep, o ma thick, a ma mao ri pao ri devil, igbeyawo alarin rin ni, o ma sweet.

The new wine

The world is about to take the new wine coming out of Zion. I saw the heaven open like a stream within a stream from a stream. It was an endless one. A throne was set before me, it was the throne of grace from it is this stream that will make men to be drunken, men taught the wine is over but I saw prophetic men who plays the role of the mother of Jesus even though they know it wasn’t time for the return of the master yet they dare to ask for new wine. For he said:

I will make the words of my servants to stand.

I saw another group of men like unto servants in garment ready to get instructions of how to make this new wine. I tell you under the anointing of the holyghost upon me, the skillfulness in mixing the word of God by this servants will intoxicate the whole world, men will go and buy new bibles when they hear mysteries, their love for Jesus will be renew, political offices will need word of God to win election, schools will take the word as core course, internet will be overtaken by the word, media houses will be announcing the word because it is the drunken wine of the Lord. The wine of the Lord will enter into meetings and gatherings and drunkenness will slain men in his presence, I saw men being carry home for the power of the new wine wasn’t what they can imagine. Oh my God, I saw these strange servants of the new wine in the tenth hour, they had abilities to serve kings and queens this wine. Haa what a joy, for the kings declare his name as Lord and queens submitted to his rulership. It was for the preparation of the glorious church, a work the 11th hour ministries and ministers will perform. Wow wow I saw this work been made easy for them, no stress, for the heathen is drunken in the new wine.

Hours of the Mothers

I was in the spirit when the angels of the Lord were dancing and rejoicing. I heard them singing halleluiah song. And the spirit entered into me and set me upon my feet that I hear him that spake unto me.

For his train filled the temple, it was the glory of the Lord so mighty the ancient of days and I heard the spirit says unto me hear and understand the meaning of these things.

For a great army will arise says the king of glory, say it to the church let the mothers of the Lord arise let the men that seek for new wine arise. I the Lord will do it again for there shall be an outpouring of new wines from the throne of grace. Thirst for it saith the Lord unto me:

Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain, so the Lord shall make bright clouds and give them showers of rain to everyone grass in the field.

Therefore let the mothers of the Lord arise I say to you by the word of the lord arise. For it shall be in that day he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David, and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the Lord before them.


To the servants of the new wine

Comfort ye comfort ye my people saith the Lord speak comfortably to Jerusalem and say unto her that her warfare is accomplished that her iniquity is pardoned; for she hath received of the Lord’s hand double for all her sins.

For I heard the voice of the Lord like a thunder in the heavens I saw the mountains moved the hills shift and the foundations of the earth discovered. It was so terrible I fainted in the spirit and the hand of the Lord rested upon me and says receive strength my son. Say unto my house unto the church:

For I the Lord shall comfort Zion:  he will comfort all her waste places; and he will make her wilderness like eden and her desert like the garden of the Lord; joy and gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving and the voice of melody.

The word of the Lord

The Lord is in need of new colt that will carry him for the world to see and for the preparation of his return, no pains, no stress, their back will not be heavy for the Lord will make it so easy for them. Their feet will be like hind’s feet, their faces like the face of a lion, their mouth being filled with sword, their appearance will be like the Son of man. Men who will carry the glory of the Lord into the house of the Lord. A purge and consecrated vessel refine for the master use. What are you saying? Are you ready to be untie or not, are you ready to break lose all those things that are stopping the inflow of his power, leakages in your Christian life, are you ready to block it? And be untie for the master’s use?

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God bless.

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