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Buy the Future

A lecturer teaches a topic to his students at the same time in the same place yet a first class is produce out of the same topic and a third class student. Why? Not everyone can bring productivity out of knowledge. Every knowledge is a raw material, the power of …

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Who to say yes to Part 4

In a race every participant always possesses strength to start but those that will have the reward of the race are those who have counted the cost and pay the price. The strength that will finish well, the strength that will be productive is the strength that prepared well. If …

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King’s Daughter Part 1

Don’t forget the fastest runner in 1999 world championship ran 9.84 while in 2009 usain bolt ran same 100meter in 9.58. The system is mounting pressure for a high result in a little time, it can only be by wisdom to beat the system. It is not wisdom to complicate …

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Violent Faith Part 2

Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience. 1tim 3:9 Faith without truth will lead to frustration. Faith is not a method it is an access to an existing creation of God that your spirit is aware of. Before any reality of faith your spirit must have it …

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