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Who to say yes to Part 5

If we do not apply wisdom in the pursuit of life we will wear ourselves out. The painful defeat in life is when you lose strength before the real battle. Ability to identify unnecessary battle is strength of wisdom. If everything that passes by you notices in the night you will never sleep. It is therefore important to know the qualities a partner that will last should possess.

The Power of Rest: Only fool want to do everything on its own. Ask him how much will he achieve doing it alone? Uneasiness in the life of any man is a sign of destruction. Knowing when to shut down (rest) your system irrespective of the noise against you, insult, battles etc is a sign of wisdom.

I was not in safety, neither had I rest neither was I quiet; yet trouble came. Job 3:26

Our skillfulness is not what brought the result in our lives neither is trouble is a product of mistakes. I tell you not all life situations can you explain why and how they happen. For any man who will enjoy life and live to see joy in his old age must define life by the principle of rest.

One dieth in his full strength, being wholly at ease and quiet. Job 21:23

The Lord told me if you cannot learn to enjoy the little in your hands having more will only bring unrest.

Principle of Rest

Everyone going into relationship must understand this vital tool in absorbing punches that life will throw at them. You will have all your desires if you are patience but not at once. If your partner does not understand this simple principle of life be sure you are going to be stress out in marriage in pursuit of things out of your reach at every point in time.

Simplicity: To enjoy relationship and marriage you need a partner who understood the place of simplicity. There is a thin line between striving and competition, and if not careful you will end up competing with friends, colleagues, mates etc for materials things. Simplicity will do the following for you:

  • Let you know your limit in your pursuit at every point in time. You will not be running more than what your leg can take.
  • That you are whatever you are because it was given you.
  • That you are not better than others, you are only fulfilling your mandate.
  • That you have no right to look down on anyone feeding under or via your resources.
  • That one day you will leave every resource in the hand of another who will never account to you again (Death).

This article is majorly to supply importance of rest in life. The greatest wisdom of creation is rest. It’s the ability to utilize what you have now and extend what you don’t have for future.

Am so much careful while writing this article because I don’t want to kill the instinct of success given by the creator in running the race of life. Do not allow your dream to overwhelm you into a state of unrest and at the same time never settle for less.

Practice of simplicity

Steady growth: The greatest partner in life is the one who understood the power in steady growth. You grow into success, wealth can be inherited or created. The major problem of youths is inability to understand that some people will always inherit wealth while others will get wealth on time in life while others will grow steadily into it.

  1. Wisdom told me everyone is a candidate of success if you are diligent and know your category in life.
  2. Wisdom also told me growth in height happened when humans are sleeping.
  3. Wisdom also told me only seed time did I gave humans never did I give harvest a time.

Learning: Every simple men have met has one thing in common called knowledge. It takes a particular understanding to see rest in the midst of battles and also it takes a perspective of life to walk in rest. Simplicity is therefore learnt not a gift you acquired it not imparted.

To learn simplicity you need to increase in knowledge because when people challenge you it’s your knowledge that will respond to them and keep you still in rest.

Conserving strength: The glory of every young man is their strength and a wise man is strong, yea a man of knowledge increase in strength. It is wisdom to know the knowledge for public and the knowledge for special occasion. Don’t give out your best secret for elevation cheaply. Men rules by secret.

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God bless you

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