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Buy the Future: The reign of servants

No man also having drunk old wine straightway desires new: for he says, The old is better. The beginning of freedom is change of desire because the greatest tragedy of slavery is conformity to its culture. When it ways of life is becoming a normal norms, spreading itself as a standard of living. Then at this point it will take more than words to prove the existence of a new world.

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth  it.

A true leader is a man with a vision written down and the vision can intoxicate others that reads it to run it. No true leader executes vision, he impact men to run the vision. You are not yet a leader when the solution of the vision is with you and that is why Africa will never grow. Until men can find an image as a personal value to mirror to the world in your vision your leadership isn’t complete.

Voting for leadership

Every emerging leader in every nation is a mirror of the true priority embrace in that nation. Followers hold the greatest blame of every fallen nation because leaders feed on the priority (needs, dreams, goals etc) embrace by followers.

Culture: Culture is a set of order (principles, rules, perspective) that forms a way of life as a standard of living. Until we understand that culture is more powerful than goodwill we will never stop voting for a man with wrong culture having a good speech in manifesto. Culture takes a lead in the prominence of everyman, takes a lead in consideration of every of his decision. When you conform to a culture everything you are or will become will be a channel to mirror your culture. Culture is the true image of everyman. Therefore the culture in practice by followers determines the leadership.

Let see the damage wrong culture has done to Nigeria:

Western States

Graduated from western higher institution in Nigeria, a place where lecturers will boastfully open mouth and say “A belong to God B belong to him C belong to you, Is that a lecturer or destiny mosquito?” What a poor mindset to see your student failing the course in which you hold PHD or Professorship in. That’s the effect of culture because a lot of them have been to Europe before and they love the place even send their children there but cannot bring the easiness in education over there to Nigeria. We believe in physical stress and labor as a prove of excellence in Nigeria. That’s the wrong culture transferred to our educational system by Professors. You see them brag on how they suffer to get their certificate, Should the next generation suffer same? True intellectual ability is build on values not stress. We cannot improve with such culture.

Of course, a place where 70% of secondary students wait for minimum of three years to gain admission to study unwanted courses in labor market. We handed over the destiny of our youths in their early stage to task masters (Preachers who collect seed for student to gain admission, internet exploiters etc). Training our graduates to serve pharaoh in throne.

Northern states

What a place where there is passion and zealousness, only been used for wrong culture. They said British government wrote a document that exempts them from being educated and I replied who are the people that executed the document? Was it British’s or northern leaders who prefer to make their children cattle breeders? Embedding their wickedness inside culture covering it via religion for exploiting masses. Always terrify to expose their children to sound knowledge to cover up their wickedness.

If it is cattle breeders the British are making out of their children how will they have sound doctors and hospitals capable of treating the president of a nation? Let them come back home instead of replicating the beauty of life they saw over there they will continue to inflict pains on masses.

What a wicked set of people. Be sure of this if there is no man to rescue us God will be our savior. Watch it.

Southern and Eastern States

As a young boy I so much delight in the Igbo’s because their proverbs are rich in content, also very hardworking set of people. China is fighting to unite as one against European powers or is it that world power nations don’t have religion difference, Tribal differences, and Political difference? Don’t you know by wisdom that a single stick from a broom don’t make a threat? The economy power the individuals are developing can naturally over power this country. Watch your back doors brothers you are already breeding terrorist for your new nation. To curtail or satisfy them will be your new challenge that will ruin your dream nation because those youths have grown wings and if their wings can tackle Nigeria with 36 states what will less than 15 states be to them. Brothers you might need to read more parables given you by your fathers and wise elders.

Note: The most difficult desire to change is the desire tailored around wrong culture.

Mentality: You put a servant with king’s mentality into king’s position not a servant with a servant’s mentality into king’s position. He will rule as a king with servant mentality. We cannot afford to be choosing leaders by tribal differences or religious purposes or personal interest or gain. It’s high time we get it right by choosing leaders with global mentality for the safety of our nation.

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God bless

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