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The role of Parents and Educators in children learning adventure

One of the challenges children face in their learning process is that parents and educators don’t always work together to guide them on their learning adventure. Learning is a continuous process and it needs both the parents and educators to come together. Most of what we see today is one of the two parties doing the job or none doing their job.


When teachers play their role and the parents do not, it won’t help in accomplishing the desired result. The same goes to when parents play their role while the teachers failed in their duties, there won’t be an outstanding result. There must always be a collaboration between the two parties. And it is until then the desired result can be achieved.


For example, some parents don’t care whether their children are improving academically or not. They believe they have paid the school fees and the onus lies on the teachers. This kind of mindset is wrong because how your children learn both depends on you and their teachers.


Benjamin Bloom made some point in his book titled “Developing talent in young people” He highlighted some of the responsibilities of parents and educators at each stage of their life. Some of the points he made was



The best teachers are described :

(i)  As being good with children

(ii)  Someone children are comfortable with

(iii)  They are supportive

(iv)  They are warm with children

(v)  They are loving

(vi)  They are caring

(v)  They nurture and also give positive support



(i)  They set the standards and expectation for their children.

(ii)  They must believe in their children and model the old-fashioned work ethics: work hard at whatever you do, anything you do should be done well and get your work done before you play.

(iii)  They must encourage

(iv)  They must be ready to provide their needs

(v)  They must give them a peaceful home


These roles he highlighted in his book is for a particular stage in the life of the children. Each of the stages has its unique role which must be carried out by the parents and the educators. How adventures learning will be for the children depend on parents and educators.


I have this belief that when parents are supportive and the children are comfortable with his/her teachers, children will see learning as an adventure which they will enjoy. However, regardless of parents and teachers’ attitude, children must be willing and eager to learn but the greater work lies on these two parties in helping children to enjoy learning.


The greater the positive influence you have on your children as parents and students as teachers the better they will be in life.

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