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How to learn math as a student from the basic to the complex

Math is fun and it is easy to learn and pass in exams. You shouldn’t see it as something difficult to summon.

I developed an interest in mathematics when I was still small and the reason for my interest was because I have a grandma who assisted me to learn math in a simple way. She was the one that created the hunger by the way she made math a fun to me. I am very grateful she laid that foundation.

In my analysis as a student of mathematics, I discovered that there are two major things among others that instill fear of mathematics in students. They are:

  • The type of teachers that take you through the basic of mathematics. Some teachers make mathematics look like a mountain that is very high to climb. And most importantly they are not inspirational teachers who encourage students to be the best they can in mathematics.
  • Inability to exercise your brain to execute some simple calculations in math. One of my teachers told me that to increase your efficiency in mathematics, minimize the use of a calculator. Since then I rely more on the capacity of my brain to deliver instead of relying on calculators or electronic devices.


Steps to take to learn math easily from basic

Learn multiplication table from 1 to 12 off hand, the rest will take care of itself as the master the first twelve. Many children pass through nursery schools without learning multiplication table and this has had an effect on their proficiency in mathematics. As simple as this may sound, it is the foundation you must lay because every other thing hangs on it.

multiplication table 7

Master the art of subtraction in math: It is easy to solve questions related to addition than subtraction for many students. Learning to subtract numbers is another step in the right direction to help your math.

how to learn subtraction in math

Love math as a course and make it fun to you: I have discovered that it is the subject you love that you pay attention to. At some advanced stage of mathematics like calculus, binomial series, word problem, etc. students easy get scared. And the fact is that calculus is very simple, it has a pattern and an approach. Once you understand that you have no problem.

example on differentiation

Learn to move from simple topics in math to complex ones:  Math becomes fun when you move from one step to another and be able to link them together when need be. You can move to Algebra 2 if you haven’t understood Algebra 1 (one topic leads to another).


Learn how to follow step in math: One of the mistakes most students make is to jump stap while solving questions in mathematics. Your ability to move form one step to the other will help to trace back if you have made any mistake.

For example – Algebra question in this form (x -4)/6 = (x+5)/5, solve for x

The first step is to write the question again

(x -4)/6 = (x+5)/5

Then you cross multiply

5(x-4) = 6(x+5)

open the bracket

5x-20 = 6x+30

collect like terms

5x-6x = 30+20

-x = 50

x = -50

Always challenge yourself with problems in math: This was what I used when was in senior secondary school. One of the advantages is that it builds your mental capacity to solve mathematics problems. I make sure I solve all questions ranging from the simple ones to difficult ones. And anyone I don’t understand, I do consult my friends who have gotten a solution to it. After that, I will look at the method they use to arrive at such solution.


Get a good math tutor: The role of a good math tutor can’t be overemphasized when it comes to learning math. There are online math tutors and offline math tutors, either of the two must be inspirational and has ability to cause you to learn.


Resources that can help you learn math

i) There are interactive math games online that you can download and they will help you a lot to learn mathematics


ii) There are also math learning websites like http://khanacademy.org/ , http://algebra.com/, and many more that can be of help to you. some of these math learning websites offers online math classes. You can enrol to sharpen you mathematics skills.


iii) Get good mathematics textbooks with good explanation and work practices.


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