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Game of Death (Explaining the laws of love)

Nothing makes humans look stupid like when trust fail. You sometimes ask yourself: hope you thought you knew the depth why you fall into it and felt hurt? Probably every fall has a hurt and no matter how beautiful roads are, bumps are inevitable. Love is as strong as death so say the preacher and if you care to know the truth love is a death game, it can make you and you can lose all.

Being together

Stone look

Passing by ancient buildings I found an old concrete floor broken into pieces. It cut my attention what could have broken this floor? Some have a stone heart while others with pains and hurts experience, think possessing a stony heart is the best approach to love. Lol, ofcourse stones give an impression of hardness and toughness, when you hold them they are hard but when they are dropped they sink into the earth. The toughness and hardness of stones are safe only when you hold unto them but when they are left alone they dissolve and sink into the shadow and darkness of earth. Therefore stones can’t handle loneliness and that isn’t the only weakness of stones. In order for you to understand the poems and parables of love you must follow the rules of the game and the first law is Death. Keep up with this article and am sure you will find sometime intriguing and fascinating.

Am Joseph sam, Thank you.

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