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bbnaija 2018 Eviction night and housemate with highest votes

Indeed the race is not to the swift or victory to the strong, this was what happened in bbnaija first eviction in the show. Ofcourse their are those with predictable eviction maybe because of people’s comment but that isn’t always the main thing.

With many ranting and judgement against mina’s team, infact teddyA called them the weakest link lol but not until eviction day that viewers got their biggest surprise. I personlly wasn’t surprise at bitto and princess eviction but was surprise vandora and dee one left that early in the game. If i still recollect one of dee one’s words “He said he can’t leave just now because he isn’t that bad in the game” and ofcourse he isn’t that bad in the house but it look like voters aren’t looking for good people in this game.

A lot of people watching bbnaija are viewers and commentators not voters my suggestion anyway because if you follow what people are tweeting and fb account comments you will always be wrong in your feelings about who has the strongest link. Those who vote don’t really talk much or have time to comment but has money to vote and time to support their team without being notice.

With the look of things i guess housemates will not know that mina is a strong team and obviously will still nominate team mina which if any team go out against will definitely lose if their fans keep up with voting than shouting.

I guess those who will vote come next year are those aren’t talking or commenting online huh silence is the best answer for a fool. Result in life is not by shouting is by being ready to take responsibilities.

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