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How To Start Selling Tailoring Materials In Nigeria

Tailoring materials is a lucrative business in Nigeria. And this is because of high numbers of fashion designers i.e. tailors in Nigeria. I have never seen an area where there are not more than 20 tailors. So this makes selling tailoring materials a very lucrative business especially when it is done in either on a small scale or large scale.

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Please don’t be scared of the large-scale stuff I mentioned, it is because of certain things that I have considered that made me say so. Starting on a small scale is good but the profit margin can’t be compared with large scale or a wholesales. For example, a row of a linen which contains 50 yards is N6,000 buying it from a wholesaler. The gain on a row might be N1000 but for you as a retailer selling it at N125 per yard which is the general sales price, the gain is N250. You can see that the profit margin is times four. However, either small scale or large scale, you will definitely maximize profit.


Capital is a major factor in selling tailoring material but the good news is that you can start as small as N50,000. It is not about the capital you start with that really matter, your business acumen and discipline will go a long way to make the business a success. My wife started the business with that amount and the business is flourishing.


List of tailoring materials or tailoring materials name

To start selling tailoring materials, below are the materials that you need to have in your shop because of their daily demand. Before you go to market, pen down the quantity of these materials you will like to buy base on your capital, and make of rough estimate of each material. Finding the cost of each material will help your budget. The tailoring materials are:

(i) Dull face satin fabric

(ii) Tapeta silk fabrics

(iii) Duchess satin fabric

(iv) Raw silk fabrics

(v) Bridal satin

(vi) Polish cotton

(vii) Bridal net

(viii) Chiffon: A sheer fabric of silk or rayon

(ix) Needle

(x) Thread

(xi) Veil net

(xii) Scissors

(xiii) Linen- China and Aba: A fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant

(xiv) Stone

(xv) Zip

(xvi) Hard net

(xvii) Trims

(xviii) Shuttle

(xix) Machine reeler

(xx) Sample net

(xxi) Tape rule

(xxii) Button

(xxiii) Machine part

(xxiv) Machine oil

(xxv) Clothing-stays

One good thing about this business is that you can get a shop in any location of your choice. You only need to make sure you are accessible and close to tailors around. And also there are potential buyers.

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Places where you can buy tailoring materials in wholesales in Nigeria

The major place where you can buy tailoring materials in Nigeria especially south-west is Lagos and Ibadan.

Lagos Market: Idunmota market, Oshodi, yaba

Ibadan Market: Gbagi, Aleshinloye, Ogunpa


Source: UGlo Fashion, Onikolobo, Abeokuta

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