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Discussing Education

This is where we discuss the purpose of education, the role of educators and parents in fixing educational system and how education can be reshaped

Career advice for students aspiring to study psychology

Psychology can be defined as the study of mental processes and behavior. It emerged from biology and philosophy and is closely linked to other disciplines including sociology, medicine, linguistics, and anthropology. The term psychology comes from the Greek word psyche meaning “breath, spirit, soul” and the word logia meaning “study …

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NECO Result 2017 Nov/Dec GCE is out for checking

NECO Result 2017 Nov/Dec has been released. Candidates can now proceed to the resulting checking portal to see their results. The results are now available online. Candidates are expected to purchase NECO result checking scratch card before proceeding to check their results online. How To Check NECO Result 2017 Nov/Dec …

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Brain Drain: Causes and Effects on Developing Countries

Brain drain is defined as the migration of skilled human resources in search of the better standard of living and quality of life, attractive salaries, world-class education, opportunities for career advancement, access to advanced technology and more stable political conditions in different places worldwide (Sunita Dodani and Ronald E LaPorte, …

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