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Discussing Education

This is where we discuss the purpose of education, the role of educators and parents in fixing educational system and how education can be reshaped

5 reasons why students fail CIE A Level

I want to start by highlighting seven traits of A* students against those that fail CIE A Level. (i) They are goal setter. (ii) They are self-motivated. (iii) They work hard. (iv) They are constantly getting better. (v) They are imaginative. (vi) They push themselves out of their comfort zones. …

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How to pass post-UTME successfully

You can pass post-utme if you are determined and know what to do for you to achieve a good score. I was happy when the minister for education in Nigeria lifted the ban on post-UTME. The reason for my joy was because I also gained admission into one of the …

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Your children need your help

I have never seen a child that does not need the help of his parents. One of the greatest help parents can offer to their children is to encourage them. It baffles me a lot when I see parent talk down, abuse or even curse their children because they are …

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Importance of right education

Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. – Daniel J. Boorstin Education is a tool that we should never play with; it is like a lamp that gets one’s mind out of darkness. I always pity parents that believe there is no value in education. Some …

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Transition in systems

One big fact we must understand and take cognizance of when dealing with future is transition in systems. Let me take you in some historical events and changes in seasons with their occurrences. For about 2000years from Abraham time to the early church, the world economy (how people live, means …

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