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Kingdom teachings and lifestyle

Teaching about the messages of the kingdom and how to apply it to our daily lives.

The Faith that groans

Topic: The Faith that groans Text: 2cor3:18 Song: We are desperate people we want more Lord *2 Am tired of this stethoscope is gonna be more of this Its gonna be more gonna be more it gonna be more of this Messages of the Day If you are not ready …

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The First Time We Met

Topic: The First Time We Met Text: Ex3:3-10 Message of the Day Well we could pretend as if everything about relationship is spiritual that nothing of physical influences or we can agree that something special happens when two people are attracted to each other. Some call it feeling, knitting of …

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Concept of Dating

Topic: Concept of Dating Answer to question asked concerning DATING. Whether Dating is wrong or not that is not what we ought to focus on rather understand the concept behind it. Even the bible says overcome evil with good. If DATING is bad we can turn it to good because …

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Faith like Furnace

Series Topic: Faith like Furnace Part 1: The things on the Inside Text: 1john 4:4 Until you possess a mountain moving faith your mountain remains. No victory is won by mere talk necessary equipment is in place for every victory. Jesus said will I find faith on earth? Luk 18:8 …

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God’s structure for relationship

Series Topic: Kingdom Pattern to a God’s Relationship Part 1: God’s structure for relationship Text: John 6:44 Firstly I will like to apologize for not posting yesternight because of my busy schedules and on foreseen circumstances (The bible says let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that …

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