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Matric Student Project

This is also a beginner project that has cool features for beginner. Download it and study the code one by one. Any issue please message me. Click here to download   //Function to create an XMLHttp Object. function getxmlhttp (){ //Create a boolean variable to check for a valid Microsoft …

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E-Learning Student Project

This project is meant for beginner though it needs your concentration to understand it because it uses Access database. But be sure of one thing if you need assistance just send me a message. Click here to download index code <?php session_start(); $uid = $_SESSION[‘uid’]; if($_POST[‘ev’] == “1”) { $subj …

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Accounting Software Project

Hello fans, this is a real life csharp project which can be use by sales department in any business enterprise. Try to take your time as a beginner to learn every single techniques, and am sure it will speed up your learning skill in csharp. Thanks (click here to download)

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Medical PHP/MySql Project

Hi everyone, this is php project that has some nice skills any beginner might love to know also a chat app program is included. Am sure your gonna like it. Please do try your best to devour the codes, understand it and we will move forward to developing a C# …

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TravelTour C# Project

Hi everyone, this project is developed on visual studio 2008 and win 7. I felt it will be good to start helping upcoming programmers learn stuffs on C# with my little knowledge. It uses access as database and has pdf printing technology with it. Am sure you will like it. …

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