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Physic for A level & UTME

Simplifying physics for better understanding for students to excel in ‘A level’ and UTME

Note On Primary and Secondary Colours

primary and secondary colours

Primary and Secondary Colours: Red, green and blue colours are primary colours. When they are mixed equally, white light is produced. Others such as yellow, magenta, and cyan are called secondary colours. The adding of primary colours to produce other colours is known as additive colour mixing. Red and blue …

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Physics Formulas Kinematics With Graphs

Physics Formulas Kinematics With Appropriate Graphs Kinematics in physics is about the motion of a body or an obeject. And the terms associated with kinematics are displacement, speed, velocity, and acceleration. These are the variables physicists play around in this topic. Kinematics formulas The starting point is from the definition …

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