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Physic for A level & UTME

Simplifying physics for better understanding for students to excel in ‘A level’ and UTME

How to solve some UTME physics past questions

Question 1 Which of the following consists entirely vector quantities? {UTME 2001} A. Work, pressure and moment                 B. Velocity, magnetic flux and reaction. C. Displacement, impulse and power.      D. Tension, magnetic flux and mass. Solution Vector quantities has both magnitude and direction Option A – pressure and work are scalar …

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How to solve questions on gas law for UTME

  Question 1 The pressure of a given mass of a gas changes from 300Nm-2 to 120Nm-2 while the temperature drops from 127oC to –73oC. The ratio of the final volume to the initial volume is{UTME 2001} A. 2 : 5              B. 4 : 5                     C. 5 : 2                     D. …

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Short notes on gas law for UTME

Boyle’s law Boyle’s law states that the volume of a fixed mass of gas is inversely proportional to the pressure provided that the temperature remains constant. If p is the pressure, v the volume and t the temperature in the Kelvin, Then the law can be stated as follows: P …

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