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Physic for A level & UTME

Simplifying physics for better understanding for students to excel in ‘A level’ and UTME

Notes on Surface Tension

The surface of the liquid behave lika a membrane under tension, surface tension arises because the molecules of the liquid exert attractive forces on each other. There is zero net force in a molecule inside the volume of the liquid, but a surface molecule is drawn into the volume. Thus, …

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Solutions to some physics UTME past questions

Question 11 A bullet fired vertically upward from a gun held 2.0m above the ground reaches its maximum height in 4.0 s. calculate its initial velocity. {2009} A.10ms-1           B.8ms-1                              C. 40ms-1                                                  D. 20ms-1 [g = 10ms-2] Solution C is the correct option   Question 12 An …

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