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Wisdom to live successfully

Everything about life is principle. If you can get the principle you can be sure of the result


WISDOM FOR LIVING INT’L Writer: Tobi Adesokan YOU ALONE WITH GOD! Being alone with God is a necessary spiritual exercise every child of God must imbibe. It is a time set aside regularly to go to a quiet place and meet with God. It is the time set aside to …

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Maximum Impact

Topic: Maximum Impact I believe anyone can impact this world. Bringing the world underneath your  will require a greater force not on the world but rather on yourself. Not all times is productivity measured by quantity. Sometimes a big thing can be compress into a small quantity. Either you will …

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Ever Increasing Prt 2

Topic: Ever Increasing Prt 2 No aeroplane travelling abroad takes off like a helicopter. Even the altitude is a proof of their difference. Necessary things are taking into consideration, the timing, the people, the size of capacity, the destination is known because it’s going global. My Little Balloon It doesn’t …

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Ever Increasing

Topic: Ever Increasing Prt 1 Its too early to give up your dream. Ofcourse no one will understand the pains you are passing through but there is someone who can help you pass through it safely. True wealth is a product of labor and pains which later becomes story. Dear, …

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The New You

No one is permitted to live as a beggar, for no reason should you crash out in the race, the man in you is only lacking the right vitamins to control situation. No situation is bigger than the thing on the inside. I am of the school of the spirit …

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These strategies work!

Strategies to personal development Personal development is crucial to success in life. It is all about adding required or needed values to oneself. These values are the constituents of growth. You can actually detect lack of values in a man by his lack of growth. I will be discussing on …

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Is this the best we can get?

I have been working on a particular project for more than two years now. Don’t try to think far on what the project may be, it is a research work on condensed matter. Leave the rest for me. Day and night I have tried getting enough materials to make my …

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Just Dare it

My life experience has thought me that there is nothing you can’t achieve academically if you just try to dare. I wasn’t fantastic academically when I was young; I always see brilliancy as something I can’t attain. Something struck me twenty-three years ago that was if the best student in …

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