Walking in Light

Series Topic: Walking in Light

Part 1: Biblical Understanding of Carnality

Text: Prov 3:5


Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding (NLT)

The first thing every born again must understand is God isn’t negating the fact that you possess understanding (i.e you have plans for your daily living, you aren’t a robot) neither is he saying you should not have plans but his saying do not trust(depend) in it because there are situation of life that’s beyond your understanding, there are times you will not know what to do.

Except a man build his house on a solid foundation/Rock he should expect the fall of the house during storm. When storms of life hit you your understanding fades away.

Luk5:4-6 This is a story of professional fisher man whose understanding fails him. Vs 4 is a proof that peter is a professional because the Lord said to him LUNCH INTO THE DEEP. i mean if he doesn’t know how to lunch into the deep would the LORD spoke such a word to him? Therefore note “You cannot receive the manifestation of the word beyond your excellent nature”. How much you have prepared will determine length of the manifestation of the word. Many Christians have not experience the manifestation of the word because their strength is not proportional to the strength of the word they receive.


Your own understanding are the factors that made up your very life eg Family Background, Educational Background, Environment, Emotions, Feelings, Plans, Purpose etc this is what you have acquired over the years, the impact life has made of you.

Either you like it or not you are a product of these factors which in turns becomes:

  • Your Head (2) Your Tongue (3) Ear                  (4) Eye

YOUR HEAD (YOUR THINKING): Most times the impact of these factors is so great that our very life began to structure towards the outcome of these factors. A girl who has suffered disappointment in relationship will find it difficult to believe there is true and sincere male out there that love still exit.

SOLUTION: Jer 23:20 KJV  …till he have performed the thoughts of his heart

God’s thought comes from his heart (Spirit) not his head not environmental factors but his heart. There are situations that when your head see them all what you know we fail but whatz in your spirit will be your bail out. Have you ever thought who taught Noah how to build an ark? That couldn’t have been his head. That’s an inspiration from the spirit. Job 32: 8 “But there is a spirit in a man and the inspiration of the almighty giveth them understanding”.

Sources of Understanding (Thought)

  • From the physical (2) From the Spirit


Isa55:8-9 KJV(Please read) …You will see that God’s thought and his ways goes hand in hand, you can’t separate them.

Therefore the ways of life of a man can be trace to the source of his thinking. And unfortunately many Christians are still operating in this source of thinking (Physical).

Tomorrow i will talk on the Danger of this source of thinking. Don’t forget we are studying Carnality and am sure you will be surprise at the end of this topic that CARNALITY isn’t what we call it.

Stay Bless.

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