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My life experience has thought me that there is nothing you can’t achieve academically if you just try to dare. I wasn’t fantastic academically when I was young; I always see brilliancy as something I can’t attain. Something struck me twenty-three years ago that was if the best student in my class can do it, I can do it also. I gave myself to reading eventually I matched up with him. I have also seen similar thing happened to people around me.

Sometimes last year I told my students that in my opinion everybody can be outstanding academically. They argued with me, they used all postulates and analysis to debunk it. I calm them down and gave them a logical view.  I told them that if they have never been to a place before, for instance Sokoto, it is impossible for them if I asked them to tell me about Kware, Fodio area, Gwadabawa, Bassaka, etc. They looked at me as if i was speaking in a strange language because those names were strange to them then. Immediately I told them that the same is applicable to their books. If you don’t familiarize yourself with your textbooks and notebooks there is no way you will be able to give answers to any question asked from it.

There is no substitute or a short cut to a studious life. The more you study the more you understand the concept behind it. Concept is very important because it is the key that unlocks the world of unkown. When you understand the concept you have owned the key to that subject. In other to enter a house you need to have the key to that house. Failure to have it means you will be frustrated and eventually get yourself into trouble. Every true reader is looking for the key that unlock their problem. It is what you put inside that you will give outside. There is no gainsaying about it.

Sometimes it may appear boring to read compare to being entertained by your favourite musician or artiste. I can tell you that your books will become more interesting if you can persevere. As you press on the love grows. Reading never kills rather it better ones life. I can’t forget this statement by Pastor Mathew Daniel “no man has the time to teach you all that he knows” you have to sit down, research it, digest it and apply it yourself.

I want to sound a warning that you should not read to pass exam alone but read to understand. You may not know that the understanding of today may be your spring board tomorrow.


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