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Is this the best we can get?


I have been working on a particular project for more than two years now. Don’t try to think far on what the project may be, it is a research work on condensed matter. Leave the rest for me. Day and night I have tried getting enough materials to make my research work workable and presentable before i make final submission. In this process, a particular question has been coming to my mind which is “is this the best I can get?“.

I think this question is also applicable to my great country. Is this the best we can get?


My major concern is the academic sector. I am the type that don’t like dwelling on the past. You hear our parents talk about the good old days. I am tempted to say the same about the educational sector. Majority of our public schools are nothing to write home about, they have degraded  and also lost values. The sector is actually retrogressing, only few people are trying to intervene and rescue it from its fall. You hear little of those highly competitive conquests that we had then. Thank God for Cowbellpedia that is very much around. Another disheartening thing is that you rarely see public school students in those competitions now. Even if they were represented, they don’t go far.


When I listened to some of my friends we graduated together, my colleagues at work and so many scholars that God blessed us with in this nation, I keep asking myself, why are we not seeing results with all these great brains blessed with accurate analysis?. Are we toothless dogs that just bark without what it takes to act. Majority of our leaders are self-centered and not being sincere. Their aim is that let me eat my own before the whole thing crashes. Is Nigeria a ponzi scheme?


In the world of science, what determine your success are your results and not the amount of work you put in place. For instance, if you are presenting a paper on a research work, what people will be waiting for are the results you got. They are not moved by the numbers of years used. Can we actually say with good conscience that we are seeing outstanding results about this nation?


I always look at this country like a project which different leaders have worked on but with little or no outstanding result(s). I believe that if our leaders view this country like a project that must succeed, we would have gone far.  A stanza says in our pledge that ” To serve Nigeria with ALL my strength”. Are we actually putting all?


All what I have presented here is for us to think on and give answers to it ourselves. If I am wrong about my views, I stand to be corrected.


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