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Who can initiate? A Male or Female?

Topic: Who can initiate? A Male or Female?

Message of the Day

I want you to know that the designer of relationship knows all this will be a question in our heart and ofcourse there has been lots of approach to this. But I will go in the light of the scripture to open your eye to this question.

Biblical Concept on Who to Initiate

Through the entire bible most relationship was initiated by Male world but ofcourse a female has also initiated relationship before.

Examples of Male Initiated Relationship

Abraham son (Issac), Jacob also, etc there were lot of examples of male initiated relationship.

Examples of Female Initiated Relationship

Lol I know you all want to know the female initiated relationship. Well its Abigail and David 1sam25:18-31 Verse 31 was the place she initiated out her interest in David and ofcourse David honor the initiative 2sam2:2. Please continue reading this post to finalize the question ok.

Duties of an initiator

Responsible for carrying the burden: The initiator does all the work for making the relationship work out, giving every single bit of resources for liveliness of the relationship. This responsibility can be very tasking but the initiator can do all this because the relationship is a need not for fun. Whenever you see target trying to make the relationship work be sure of one thing the target has lost the values that attract the initiator. So to target keeping your values is one of the most important responsibilities. Your values keep your initiator doing the whole work.

The initiator has the Map: Where the relationship is heading is with the initiator. Every initiator out there knew from the beginning where the relationship will end because every single action will portray the core initiative behind the relationship. The initiator will always drive the relationship to that end. No initiator want to lose therefore very important target ask question for every single action, generosity etc these are tools for driving relationship for the purpose of getting to the end.

The initiator keeps the fire: Relationship is not all the time always fun but it’s the work of the initiator to be dynamic enough in running the fun of the relationship. Bringing fun to relationship is not eatery ok am talking about hopes, evidence that keeps the target going and proud of the initiator. Have seen relationship crumble because of a sudden the target lost hope in the initiator abilities, the initiator refuse to fuel.

My Answer

Even with this little point do you think a female should get into such a task? I think I prefer the male world doing this. There is no sin in a female kick starting a relationship but the females have studied would not want to get involved in all this duties rather want the target (brother) to open car doors, treat them well and that isn’t the work of the target. Except you shift position it would not work.

No matter how interested you are in a brother all you need have told you in my previous posts on relationship. Check archives to see all my post on relationship.

Text: Prov 18:22

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord KJV

And also am not sure a man can become a wife according to this passage. This passage specifically says a male is the initiator while the female (wife) is the hidden treasure that needs to be look for, search etc

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